Fiinu Exclusive: An Interview with Founder Marko Sjoblom

Fiinu have huge ambitions for the under-served loans market.

Fiinu have huge ambitions for the under-served loans market.

We had the chance to interview founder Marko Sjoblom from Fiinu, a Blockchain-friendly fintech Banking start-up in the process of applying for its full UK banking license.

The ambition for Fiinu is to become a blockchain friendly bank that provides financial services to people and small businesses that feel excluded or underserved by the existing financial service sector. There is a growing demand for banks that will promote and assist individuals and businesses sporadic needs to access centralised banking services and Fiat money - Fiinu has ambitions to provide for the needs at hand in this space.

What is the vision behind Fiinu?

Today, there are no retail banks in the UK that allow their customers to buy and sell digital currency. Despite the growing demand, the points of entry are complex and inaccessible for many, locking them out of this hugely promising sector of the digital economy.

Fiinu’s ambition is to establish the first blockchain-friendly British bank, using a new approach to banking to oer market-beating borrowing and saving rates. By delivering innovative financial products and services, we will bridge the gap between the opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies and the day-to-day accessibility of retail banking services.


How will Fiinu achieve this?

Fiinu will utilise new technologies such as PSD2 Open Banking and Blockchain to provide better banking services for consumers and SMEs who are currently underserved by the FS industry. FIINU’s innovative products will increase financial inclusion and strengthen the financial resilience of its customers. Whenever the bank sees a service failure in the FS market, it will try to solve it through the use of technology.


Why do you feel we need Fiinu at this current moment in time?

Customers are currently being under-served by the incumbent bank’s archaic credit rating system will finally be able to access services designed to lower the cost of banking and improve the quality of financial products. 

Through the innovative FIINUSCORE™ credit rating system, we take into account factors about an applicant that the traditional credit referencing methodology does not. We are able to lend responsibly to consumers and small businesses against crypto-based assets and help their short-term credit needs with overdrafts whilst encouraging financial resiliency. Fiinu aims to be the bank that helps people manage their money better.


What return on investment will the Fiinu Tokens have?

A third of the bank’s profit will be distributed to FNU holders pro-rata annually according to each token holder’s percentage of the total FNU’s. Pay-out can be claimed via Fiinu’s Investor Portal by verifying the FNU holder’s details and digital wallet address.

The Fiinu pre-ICO is live, with a 33% bonus. Find out more at