Astronaut Exclusive: An Interview with Founder Matt Dibbs


1) Was your research company Picolo Research the driving force behind your decision to launch Astronaut Capital?

(MD): Although myself and team have been in the asset management space for quite some time, we never really started Picolo Research with a view to create a managed structure out of it. Initially, it was all about creating a high grade offering of transparency and due diligence in the ICO market. Coming from a background of analysis, we saw that this was the ‘missing link’ in the market.

So months went by and we put out a number of feedback requests to the database. We received an overwhelming response in highlighting the pain points. People really loved what we did, however, there was a certain portion of subscribers that didn’t want to personally go through the process of applying and managing their investments. This was our catalyst to start Astronaut.

Effectively, the market wanted an offering in which they could utilise our knowledge and have a completely ‘hands-off’ approach to investment.

2) Where do you see Astronaut being in 5 years?

Five years is a very difficult timeframe to imagine given the speed at which the markets and innovation are moving. Ultimately, we see Astronaut as one of the leading managers and voices in the blockchain ecosystem. The market is striving for transparency and security and with more ICO volume increasing every month, this voice is needed more than ever.
Our ultimate goal is to be a trusted source of strategic investment management and given the lack of competitors in the market, we see this happening on a much shorter timeframe than 5 years.

3) How do you feel about the rise of managed crypto investment services? 

We believe that managed investment services will come and go. There will be very few that remain at the top and if anything, larger more traditional institutions will enter the market trying to do the same.

The thing is, setting up an operation such as Astronaut with a highly regarded research team is not easy. We welcome more competition in this space, because the market needs it, but they have some standards to live up to.

4) Why is Astronaut is the best place to invest currently? 

I think our research arm is one of the main reasons that we have some very loyal token holders. Companies can try their best to create algorythmic based and decentralized asset management systems, but in reality, the market simply isn’t mature enough for it to work. There is a certain element of pure fundamental analysis that is needed when it comes to strategic investment. Picolo Research is the core of this philosophy and it is an extremely difficult component to replicate.

5) Are you concerned about ICO regulation issues around the world, or do you think Japanese-style liberalization will win the day?

I think everyone is concerned about some level of ICO regulation, no matter what type of token segment that is in. Regulatory compliance is a good thing, the only issue is that it can slow down innovation and progress.

My personal view is that some of the bans that have taken place are quite irrational. Simply put, prohibiting of ICOs in some jurisdiction has been reactionary due to the rapid growth in the market. We expect that this won’t continue and it is simply a way for regulators to attempt to put the market ‘on hold’ while they implement appropriate legislation.
If you want to be a true leader in the space, it is important that companies ‘play ball’ with any newly introduced regulation.

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