Rentberry: An ICO for a Blockchain Home Rental Platform

After months of scouring the San Francisco rental market, Alex Lubinsky and Lily Ostapchuk came to the conclusion that the long-term rental industry was in need of a more efficient solution. As a result, they found Rentberry in 2015, and its major role was to simplify the long-term rental process for landlords and tenants. Two years later, on October 27th, 2017, Renberry’s co-founder and CEO Alex Lubinsky informed the public about the upcoming launch of improved Rentberry – decentralized home rental platform powered by blockchain.

Until recently, Rentberry was widely known as a closed-loop rental platform that takes care of all steps of the rental process for both parties – landlords and tenants. Rentberry’s proprietary algorithm of rental auctioning is used to increase transparency for renters. Prospective tenants can customize their offers depending on the demand and competition for a certain property. This also helps to detect the true value of properties.

With the integration of blockchain technology, Rentberry becomes able to offer its users even more. With relevant information such as rental history, reviews, and public data saved and analyzed on blockchain, it becomes possible to calculate a score for both landlords and tenants and help them build long-lasting and trust-based relationships with each other. Smart contracts, in their turn, are a quality alternative to traditional rental agreements that makes it possible to automate legal agreements and negotiations.

What’s more, Rentberry helps tenants unfreeze more than $500 bln that are now blocked in rental security deposits around the world. With its idea of crowdsourced security deposit coverage, members of Rentberry’s community are able to cover a portion of rental security deposit of other members and get financial rewards in return. What’s important is that community members can make an educated choice on who to support based on rental history, reviews, and proprietary tenant scores. This way, landlords still receive a financial guarantee, while the financial burden on tenants eases off.

Since the first day of its existence, Rentberry has been building its business with social responsibility and transparency in mind. The recent integration of blockchain enables Rentberry to become even more socially-minded.  

Rentberry has already closed two rounds of funding and received $4M from top-tier investors from 11 countries. The funds will support international expansion and the development of new features, including the proprietary scoring system, advanced apartment search algorithms, and crowdsourced community expansion.

Rentberry’s real estate ICO starts on January 17th, 2018. However, the company will start accepting pre-sale investments on December 5th, so remember to get in early to take advantage of their pre-sale pricing: visit their website to learn more.