Lucyd: Building the World’s First Blockchain-fueled Smartglasses


With 2017's huge ICO gold rush, we've seen an incredibly diverse range of companies come out of the woodwork, whether they're utilizing blockchain technology to build the world's next financial instruments, solving security issues, or in some cases, building technology that truly gives us the feeling that we're entering the future. 

Lucyd does just that, with their groundbreaking augmented reality smartglasses, built on blockchain technology. Thier version of reality provides a seamless connection between the world of technology, and our immediate visual reality - eat your heart out Google Glass.

We asked founder Harrison Gross some tough questions regarding his current ICO:

What was the inspiration behind starting Lucyd?

We believe augmented reality is the future of computing, but there is no currently successful product in the space. So we assembled a portfolio of 13 disruptive AR patents, and a team of renowned optics experts to build the world’s first practical, comfortable smartglasses. We also recognized the need for a blockchain to decentralize content creation for the platform, which will allow the Lucyd ecosystem to grow freely with the global developer community. We think this marriage of groundbreaking tech, leading experts and an innovative blockchain is the solution for a foundational AR platform.

Why do you feel we need Lucyd at this current moment in time?

As of now, many of us are spending a large portion of our lives looking at our phones or computers. Lucyd Lens will give you the same functionality but seamlessly integrated with your view of the world. With smartglasses, you will never have to look away from life again to get information or perform basic computing tasks. Our interface will adapt dynamically to the situation at hand, and make many types of tasks easier than ever before. For example, we envision an AR app that can do an image search of whatever you’re looking at, and pull up the relevant Wikipedia article right in front of you in a holographic interface.

When will a first version of the platform be available?

We are planning to launch the beta Lucyd Lens and early developer kits in Q1 2019. A wide release is planned around four to six months after the beta.

What purpose will LCD tokens have?

1. Developers get LCD based on their community impact. The more popular your AR-native content and apps are, the more LCD will be released to you from the blockchain, atop regular app revenue. 
2. Users get LCD for participating in betas, ads, bug reports, ratings, reviews and even during normal use of apps, such as referring new users. 
3. LCD can be natively integrated into Lucyd apps, allowing for instant in-app purchases and participation rewards without requiring signup or a bank account. E.g., a game that integrates your LCD wallet for its currency, rewarding achievements and selling gem packs in LCD. 
4. LCD can purchase AR hardware and content from the Lucyd store in-Lens, or be cashed out on token exchanges. 
5. LCD will be instantly transferable in-Lens among the Lucyd community, for extremely easy, vocally-initiated transactions.
6. LCD decentralizes our ecosystem, allowing the Lens experience to be untethered from existing financial networks.

What are the current details of your ICO?

All major currencies are accepted. 
The Lucyd ICO can be joined at
ICO dates: 10/31/17 to 11/2/18
LCD price: $.25 US (or equivalent in crypto)
Total LCD: 100 million (50 million available in sale)
Unsold tokens will be burned.

Where do you see the project in 1 year’s time?

In about a year we will be near the beta Lens launch, or at least will be closing in on a functioning prototype. We are optimistic that as we get closer to functioning smartglasses, interest in Lucyd and the LCD token will rise.

To find out more, and invest in the Lucyd ICO, head to: