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For the last 7 years, CEO Andrius Putna was working for Hostinger Company as Software Engineer and then later as Product Manager for its co-brand, 000webhost. The BitDegree story started from 000webhost and its community full of knowledge-thirsty users. 000webhost has a huge and active forum where users participate in discussions and help each other out with their web development questions.

One day, an idea came into Andrius’ mind - why not build a platform where participants could learn and become the developers they want to be? This was the first step towards BitDegree as a web fundamentals course was created. In that moment, the depths of the project were unknown.

It’s sad to say, but a good education in developing countries is a luxury and available only to the extremely wealthy. Therefore, the only way for a child to receive a good education in this situation is for their parents to work day-and-night to send them to a private school. We saw that parents would be willing to spend a largest amount of their income on their child’s education, when really, they shouldn’t have to.

And so, BitDegree was born.


For BitDegree to succeed, a platform was needed where students and teachers would be able to exchange their ideas. BitDegree would be made unique from other online educational platforms by creating innovative online courses, and paying learners for studying them.

Creating a token-based economy model where students, instructors and employers interacted freely amongst themselves, and all of the middlemen — universities, banks, governmental institutions — were removed.

Bitdegree will raise capital by holding a token sale, which begins on December 1st, 2017, with the aim of proving that it is possible to make education affordable for everyone anywhere in the world.

Why BitDegree? Why now?

BitDegree is a smart incentives based education platform, which aims to revolutionize education in the tech sector through gamification and rewarding students for their progress.

We believe that what is currently taught in higher education institutions across the world does not prepare tech students with the necessary skills they need to find meaningful employment in their field upon graduation.

This is where BitDegree comes in.

At BitDegree, we believe students should be rewarded for their efforts. This is why we have chosen to base it on blockchain as it allows students to earn tokens while progressing.

We believe that our approach of using smart incentives, fun, plus reward-based learning will help revolutionize education, and address the following problems in the tech industry — the lack of preparation for tech students in higher education, the difficulties businesses face in attracting and retaining top tech talent, plus the low course completion rate within the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) industry.

BitDegree’s transparent nature will allow companies to seek, sponsor, and motivate potential staff through rewards – benefiting both the employee and employer.

When will a first version of the platform be available?


What purpose will the BitDegree tokens have?

BitDegree will revolutionize education by creating a new token that can be exchanged among the users of the platform: Students, Sponsors, and third parties.

01. Companies as Sponsors are the main fuel for a sustainable BitDegree economy. The economic incentive for Sponsors to buy BitDegree tokens is recruiting tech talent, enhancing employer branding and advertising.

02. BitDegree tokens can be used for creating smart-incentives as payment for scholarships for students’ educational accomplishments, which can be used for getting various digital services offered by third parties on their platforms in exchange for tokens.

03. Sponsors as well as students will be able to exchange and redeem their tokens in a wide network of industry partners or swap them for digital goods and services. The potential of BitDegree Token demand is closely aligned with the gargantuan $200 billion recruitment industry. Limited supply of tokens ensures a growing demand for the BitDegree platform’s services in the foreseeable future.


What are the current details of your Initial Coin Offering?

More information of our ICO can be found here:


Where do you see the BitDegree in 1 year?


Similar to its ‘Mother’ company, Hostinger, BitDegree will be using OKRs to define its goals for 3 months. Our next OKR will be planned in January, 2018.

We have published a roadmap on our website which depicts our standing should our crowd funding be successful.


Why should I invest in your ICO vs Holding Bitcoin?

Every investor makes his own decisions. We wouldn’t like to give any financial advice, however, we are happy that the ICOs give the possibility for everybody to participate in a company’s seed funding and progress alongside a positive project.


Yemi Oyefuwa