Blockchain Traded Fund: Finance Your Future


With a dedicated of network of entrepreneurs, advisors and partners, Blockchain Traded Fund (BTF) is set to allow Ethereum Blockchain technology to be accessible and profitable for all. 

BTF combines behavioural finance theory, quantitative measurement and typical human research analysis when researching Ethereum based companies. This is attempting to understand the evolution of security prices and explain the observed stock return predictability using models in which agents are not fully rational. 

The fund founded by CEO  Peter J Rinaldi believes investing in projects that contribute back into society can be merged with capital growth and therefore pledges .03 management fee back into charitable causes of social growth. 

With over 15 years of experience in institutional trading and portfolio management, Peter and a team of engineers has the goal of creating a financial product that protects Blockchain Investors from the everyday challenges of the Ethereum ICO and Token marketplace. 

BTF’s professional portfolio management of Blockchain companies allows for a simple, straightforward and profitable experience when trading Blockchain Tokens. 

You (the investor) buys tokens with the fund Ethereum and BTF manages the portfolio. It’s that simple!

The fund will act as an ETH money market fund until the ICO is complete. The Fund will buy back tokens at NAV after the ICO ends if the investor requests.

All token not sold during the ICO will be destroyed.

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