Climate Coin: Fighting Climate Change through Blockchain Technology


Many companies vow to change the world….few build their company on that very foundation. 

Climatecoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency that was created with the purpose of tackling climate change, and with their coin sale currently active until January 1st 2018, we are all invited to play our part. 

Utilising Blockchain technology and incentivising environmentally friendly businesses, Climatecoin aims to; improve carbon emission trading, facilitate clean trading, enhance climate finance flows, and track and report GHG emissions reduction.

Building on already solid foundation, Climatecoin has recently made leaps to validate an already formidable cause by closing an agreement with the Carbon Trade Exchange. Together Climatecoin and CTX plan to launch the first peer to peer decentralised platform for carbon credits trading/exchange. 

This agreement means Climatecoin will be the only cryptocurrency to be accepted as a payment in CTX global exchange platform and will be able to sell carbon credits to its current customers. 

With their ICO currently active and Climatecoin being listed on two of the worlds biggest exchanges, Everybody will be able to buy from website exchanging for ethers or from in bitcoin and credit card.

We caught up with CEO James Haft to find out some key details behind Climatecoin and why they are an ICO worth investing in. 

What was the inspiration behind starting Climatecoin?

"With Climatecoin we aim to bring democratization to the fight against climate change. Our vision is for Climaatecoin to be a collective effort where anyone anywhere can do something against climate change."

Why do you feel we need Climatecoin at this current moment in time?

“There is too much work to do against climate change and we have to deploy 700Billion USD by 2030 if we want to have a possibility to turn around the problem. ...Climatecoin tackles that by using the power of Blockchain Technology to fight against this epidemic."

What purpose will the Climatecoin tokens have?

The tokens will permit to enter the carbon credits markets where our aim is for Climatecoin to be a staple of a currency that everyone can appreciate. Corporations which contaminate will have to buy carbon credits as a way to deduct taxes imposed by Governments for their emissions. These credits are generated by companies or individuals which own projects that capture CO2 or others Greenhouse gases and so the compensation is possible.”

What are the current details of your ICO?

“Our ICO will run from December 1st through to January 1st. We are launching a total of 255.000.000 coins with no hard cap and where the price is established in 1 ETH=210 climatecoins."

Where do you see the project in 1 years time?

“In one year we will have developed our carbon credits portal and Climatecoin will become a reference for buying carbon credits in the world. We want to permit anyone to be able to access the green investments and obtain profits while doing something good for the planet.”

Why should I invest in your ICO vs holding bitcoin?

“Carbon credits are going to experience a ten times increase in price in the following years and who buys Climatecoin will profit out of this run. We have closed an agreement with the biggest electronic carbon portal in the world (CTX) to create the biggest peer to peer descentralised carbon portal  in the world where Climatecon will be stapled with these credits.”

Head over to, and make your investment to change the world.