Leverj: Decentralized Leveraged Crypto Exchange


Leverj: Decentralized leveraged crypto exchange


As we move from traditional forms of finance into the world of cryptocurrency there are key issues that pose a threat to the way we do business. This is where Leverj comes in, a decentralized leveraged crypto exchange that provides solutions to the inherent risks seen in centralized trading platforms. 

Back in 2013, Founders of Leverj - Bharath Rao and Nirmal Gupta, met to discuss the design of the platform (formerly known as Coinpit). After four years of testing and development, Leverj is here as a user friendly, identity-decentralising exchange.


In 22 words...

Leverj is a high-speed, non-custodial leveraged exchange, complete with all of the usability features seen in the top centralized exchanges.


What problem is Leverj solving?

The risks and losses associated with centralized exchanges are all dependent on the mercy and competence of exchange operators to keep core pieces of user information secure.  

Leverj provides:

Decentralized identity to avoid security leaks and multi-signature accounts to provide complete user control over account funds; hardware wallet support and a focus on derivatives products. They also give the user complete control of funds by fully decentralizing the back-end.


Expect high liquidity, tight spreads, low slippage, atomic stops, hardware key authentication, near-instant settlement, proof-of-audit embedded in blockchain, zero-knowledge API keys, and into the near-future, price action entries, trade replay videos, managed trading and simulated trading.

You can find details of the official Leverj roadmap here:


Key POINTS about Leverj

Leverj uses ETH as the sole currency of the base platform. 

Ethereum transactions are faster and cheaper, making it the natural step forward for further developing a decentralized trading platform.

Leverj features price action entries

This allows the trader to quickly build a position free from absolute price levels and remain focused on the unfolding market structure; which allows for ease of entries and exits, reducing unexpected losses and suboptimal exits.

Leverj have made trade replay videos available

This means that traders can observe and document trading habits; share with and teach other traders; or simply to keep an archive of one’s greatest trading moments.


To find out more about Leverj and their decentralized leverage exchange visit: https://www.leverj.io/#intro


"The perfect exchange is secure but frictionless, transparent yet private, decentralised but always high performance." 

- Bharath Rao