TELCOIN: Trusting The Future of Phones


TELCOIN: Trusting the Future of Phones


After spending years in the blockchain world, it became clear to us that trust and access to the blockchain were the biggest deterrentto serious growth. On the other hand, looking at mobile payment systems like mPesa, we realized that phones should carry more than apps; that they should be the vectors of financial services to people. Therefore, as we had also been successful selling software to the Telecom industry for a long time via Mobius, we realized that we could leverage their infrastructure to distribute crypto-currencies and therefore, provide their subscribers with safe and efficient financial services.


Why is TelcoIN important to us now?

A lot of people talk about blockchain, but only a few have access to crypto-currencies. Telcoin simplifies crypto-currency through a network of partner mobile operators. The larger vision is that a lot of people can not access basic banking functions such as payments because of poor financial infrastructure in their countries. Telcoin leverages the blockchain and mobile operators to give people access to cheap and fast remittances, and soon, payments and credit.

When will TelcoIN’s first version be available?

The first distribution via Telecom operator is scheduled to happen in the beginning of 2018.

What purpose will the Telco tokens have?

Telcoin tokens are simple erc20 tokens that can be distinguished by their mode of distribution; they are distributed solely by mobile operators.

Do you have an Initial Coin Offering?

We're preparing the initial Telcoin offering, register via our website and we'll keep you updated :

Why should I invest in your ICO?

With a 25M hard cap token sale, Telcoin will be very inexpensive given its strong core value proposition: A single crypto-currency trusted and marketed by Telecom operators all over the world, that does not require any registration to be bought, and that operates entirely within a regulated environment. Telcoin value definitely has a strong potential to grow after the token sale.

Where do you see the project in a year?

By next year, we expect Telcoin to have a potential reach of 100M users via their operators and be available to more than a million users to send transfers and access payments.

Yemi Oyefuwa