TIGEREUM: Blurring The Lines Between Social Media and Cryptocurrency


CEO, DARREN OLNEY-FRASER shares his vision behind Tigereum and what the world can expect. 

"I am inspired by how big crypto can become when good customer interfaces make it easy to use for everyone. Mass adoption of crypto is a huge paradigm shift coming our way right now. I aim to be a leader in providing good customer interfaces for crypto so that you don’t have to be a computer geek to use it."

Why Tigereum? Why now?

Despite popular musings, Crypto’s biggest competition comes from social media companies and not the big banks or central banks. This is because the current battle is how to send over money easily and securely, and that is starting to happen right now on social media platforms.

Over the next two years, everyone will be sending money by instant message. Unfortunately crypto developers are not doing anything about this because they have turned their backs on social media, because social media stands for everything crypto does not.

In my view, crypto needs to be where the customers are, and that is on their mobiles with Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and even Snapchat, allows you to send money quickly. Crypto should be at the forefront of sending money through these mediums. Tigereum is developing smooth customer interfaces, which will enable everyone to securely and easily send crypto to friends and family by instant message on social media platforms.

Tigereum will be the first crypto bot to go to market.


When will a first version of Tigereum be available?

We have a Prototype Bot already, and you can try it at: https:// m.me/163277320931662.

We will have an integrated working version of this prototype ready in three months of the end of our Token Swap. Tigereum’s solution is to release a suite of AI chatbots like this on each of the big social media platforms (and all the other platforms, when they complete the bot integrations they are working on now). This straightforward approach makes Tigereum simple to develop, flexible, globally scalable, independent of any particular instant messaging platform, and quick to market. To keep faith with the crypto community’s expectations, Tigereum has adopted the key principles of the crypto world in its solution architecture: security, anonymity, decentralization and encryption.

What are Tigereum tokens?

Tigereum Tokens will be the crypto-currency used to send crypto to friends and family in an instant, via instant messaging.

1: Senders will buy Tigereum Tokens to send money.

2: Recipients will redeem Tigereum Tokens into their preferred crypto or fiat currency to receive their money.

The mechanisms for this to occur securely and efficiently will be developed further through the course of this project.


Tigerium is coming to a number of exchanges soon. 
You can learn more and stay up to date by joining their Telegram today.

In a year, Tigereum will be the first crypto bot in the market. We will be helping people send money across the world in an easy, low-cost solution on the various social media platforms they use everyday to connect with their friends and family. We will bring together the best of old banking, new crypto and social media into one easy solution. 

Yemi Oyefuwa