Trading Made Transparent

AdobeStock_139133484-[Converted].png Trading made transparent is the next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology by providing the ultimate control in security and transparency.

What was the inspiration behind

The idea for this project has been in the making for many months now as there has always been a need to change the inequalities in the financial market. Once we gained more and more momentum and a huge support base from industry experts, prospective clients and investors, it was all we needed to start the process and provide a positive change that comes with blockchain technologies.


Why do you feel we need

I am always excited when transformational technologies, such as blockchain disrupt the market; however, I am familiar with the inefficiencies and revenue structures of trading and investment banking.  It looked to me, based on user adoption rates and acceptance, that the timing was right for blockchain technology to be deployed widely enough to disrupt the financial industry.  I was lucky and am grateful that I ran across the likeminded team who now comprise the trade.ioboard, allowing us to bring the idea to fruition.


When will a first version of be available?

Beta testing is due to be ready early next year. I would say that one of our main challenges has been getting our message across to our clients.  We want to address the inequalities in finance, and this is something that any trader, upcoming ICO, broker, financial market participant small or large, can benefit from. Once we are able to explain that to potential clients, it is all systems go.


What are the purpose of your tokens?

Our token sale was born out of the requirement to raise the necessary funds to develop the platform and an exchange that would be brought to our clients - big and small.  In just a few days of our PRE-ICO, demand was so high for the token that we already reached our soft target of $5 raised in order to build all required technologies.  

The token holders will use Trade Tokens to participate in the shared peer-to-peer liquidity pool and potentially receive pro-rata daily disbursements of up to 50% of the pool’s profits based on performance. This P2P shared liquidity pool, in which participants share in the pool’s performance, will be innovative and unique to the industry. Ultimately, the transactional records of the liquidity pool participation will also be blockchain based.


When does your Initial Coin Offering launch?

ICO launches 7th December until 15th December.


Where do you see the in the future?

As a long-term project, our entire team is fully committed to ensure it’s success. The potential impact of the technologies we will create will indeed be far-reaching.

In the short term, we will finalise our technologies and strengthen our liquidity pool. In the long term, we will continue to provide state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, developed by the keenest minds in order to truly democratize the financial markets.


Why should I invest in your Initial Coin Offering vs holding Bitcoin? is the solution that participants of the financial markets have been asking for.  It addresses the inequalities in finance by using transparent blockchain technologies, easy for all to understand. By participating in, token holders will be participating in an investment into financial technologies, into blockchain education and into far reaching projects that they will be able to benefit from via our liquidity pool, for many years to come.



Yemi Oyefuwa