BETMASTER: Established Sports Betting ICO

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What was the inspiration for starting BETMASTER?

We believe that life should be fun, and we love sport. That is why our team puts significant effort into creating a state-of-the-art IT solution to allow a unique online sports betting experience. We believe to have tackled some of the major problems that bettors experience online, namely the complexity of the betting experience, dishonesty of betting platforms and limited access to betting.

Why do you feel we need BETMASTER at this current moment in time? 

Global online sports betting market is a USD 20 billion market currently growing roughly 8% annually. At the same time, all the largest players in the market use old-fashion IT solutions which are difficult to adapt to the new digital reality. BETMASTER sees this as an amazing business opportunity to build competitive advantage through our product’s accessibility (high quality mobile device solutions, betting in cryptocurrencies, peer-2-peer betting), simplicity (state-of-the-art application procuring amazing user experience) and security (so far 100% resistance to any critical failures or hacker attacks).

We believe we are on the right track, which may be proved by incredible performance results. Thus, every 10th visitor to becomes a bettor with us, which is a very high conversion rate for the industry. We also spend up to 17 times less human resources to run the business compared to our competitors, which means we are super efficient.

When will a first version of the platform be available?

Unlike 94% of ICOs, we are already a profitable business! After one year of preparations, our betting platform was launched on 1 March 2016, and hit $1 million in monthly turnover in March 2017. 

Our key performance indicators are presented in the Prospectus at, and we have committed to present Betmaster financials to the public, which shows unprecedented openness in the gambling market.

What purpose will the BETM tokens have? 

BETM tokens are designed to become a valuable assets through the following features:
Betting in BETM tokens. We shall accept BETM tokens, at the market value, as the payment instrument at In essence, this means high liquidity of BETM tokens, as you do not depend on the ability to sell at the exchange platforms.

As any other token, BETM token can be sold on the open market, and we will procure that BETM tokens are listed on at least one recognised cryptocurrency exchange.

What are the current details of your ICO? 

The ICO campaign shall last until the end of November 2017. We will issue 100 million BETM tokens at a fixed price of USD 1 each. As of 6 November, collections comprised approximately USD 5 million, while we expect the current bonus of 30% stand for at least 2 weeks from now.

Where do you see the project in 1 years time?

We have ambitious plans for moving into the 12 largest legal markets of online sports betting, which comprise 57% of the world’s market. The collections from ICO shall be used primarily to license our presence in the new territories and promote our platform. On top of this, we shall expand to other sports including cybersports and fantasy sports, to allow peer-2-peer betting and betting in cryptocurrencies. With our highly efficient betting platform (you can test yourself at, we are confident that our current 13% monthly growth will be at least maintained at the same level for the next 3-4 years. Accordingly, in 1 year we should see our business growing at least by 300%.

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