SwissBorg: The Blockchain Era of Swiss Private Banking


SwissBorg is a decentralised banking backbone founded in Lausanne, Switzerland. The DAO aims to reshape the Swiss Private Banking system, where Individuals will benefit from democratic, transparent and trustful investment services to manage their crypto-wealth. On the other side, Investment managers and Financial Advisors will get access to cryptocurrency asset class and best-of-breed technologies (blockchain & AI) to better serve their clients.

“Blockchain technology will be a massively disruptive force in the Financial Sector in the coming years. It will increase competition, improve services, access to information and reduce national barriers and transaction costs. Our mission is to create a cyberbank that offers democratic financial services (it is possible to invest from 1 CHF) accessible to anyone from anywhere at any time in the world”
— Cyrus Fazel, Founder, CEO.

The SwissBorg ICO hilights four key features of the vetnure; first and foremost is the DAO that will issue the CHSB Token, which will give token holder voting and economic rights over the Swiss Cooperative. Token holders are entitled to receive revenues generated by the DAO.

The Cryptallion, a multi-strategy Token Hedge fund giving participants exposure to advanced investment strategies in cryptocurrencies with a competitive fee structure. The Cryptallion (CSB) Token will be 100% distributed to the network.

The Smart Mandate, an Investment Mandate encoded in a Smart Contract. Each client has its own customizable, transparent Smart Mandate that allows collaborating with several Financial Advisors hands-down. The Client can configure their banking requirements and investment strategies.

And finally, the ‘Cyborg Advisor’, providing sophisticated investment strategies with the best technological tools based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, helping holistically manage your assets with ease.

SwissBorg will be a Swiss Cooperative entity,  CHSB Token will give token holder voting and economic rights over the Swiss Cooperative. Token holders are entitled to receive revenues generated by the DAO; Having an ambition of being an ICO 2.0, we have put in Smart Contract a rigorous KYC/AML procedure to guarantee the compliance of SwissBorg’s future. The Second token, (CSB), represents Cryptalloin – A Token Hedge Fund, in which 50% of performances are distrbuted to token holders, 40% reinvested in the fund and 10% are distributed to SwissBorg DAO. 

Investors have already committed 20 million USD to the project so far during the private pre-sale, with investors including Swiss private banks, family offices, VCs, angels and UHNWI, including key investors Warwyck Private Bank, Thierry Uldry, Roger Zannier and Claude Berda.

To find our more, research the technical White Paper here, and their investment portal here.