TELCOIN: Worldwide Crypto Inclusion via Telecom

“Everybody talks about about cryptocurrencies, but very few are actually using them.” - Claude Eguienta, Telcoin Co-Founder & CEO

Based on the Ethereum blockchain and using mobile network operators, Telcoin is the new cryptocurrency that aims to be distributed and accepted by telecom operators worldwide. Billions of users will have access to the coin without extra registration through their network providers. 

The benefits?

With their initial focus on the remittance market which is currently dominated by large players such as Western Union and Money Gram, Telcoin’s will utilise blockchain technology to reduce transaction fees and latency with the goal of giving users more for their money - thus creating a mobile-friendly new eco-system of modern finance.

With the prices of cryptocurrencies at an all time high and still rising, investors understandably are growing wary of new ICOs which makes it increasingly difficult for cryptocurrencies to stand out against competitors. Competition aside, many cryptocurrencies fail to achieve success on a mass scale due to 3 reasons; trust, market reach and KYC compliance issues. 

By offering Telcoin free to partnering mobile networks in exchange for the coin’s distribution to their subscribers, Telcoin has the ability to not only overcome these hurdles, but excel like no cryptocurrency has before. 

The potential of becoming the first cryptocurrency to be used by everyone on a daily basis paired with a roadmap that will leverage their positioning to localise roaming spending, international aid and general online payments means Telcoin’s solid foundation has plenty of scope for future growth.

Their ICO is currently achieve until the 10th of February 2018. Contribute now: