Luven: Early Diagnostics Through Blockchain Technology

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With a unique cancer diagnostic technology designed to save millions of lives through early detection of the disease, Luven provides a quick, non-invasive alternative to traditional diagnostic methods and aims to change cancer statistics worldwide.

CoinFT had the chance to speak with Grigory Evglevskiy, Luven's CTO about the technology, its scope for growth and how they aim to utilise Blockchain technology to save lives. 


What was the inspiration for launching Luven Diagnostic?

"Like for many other projects that have already changed the world, the discovery of the method for us was almost accidental. We got acquainted with scientists who were working on the development of the methodology and decided to set up a joint project. What was developed at that time was requiring further refinement and automation, on which we began working together. The idea that one day we could really change the world of medicine strongly motivated us and continues to inspire all our staff members to this present day. Besides just before our acquaintance one of the team members lost his friend who died from oncology. The reason was a  failure to properly diagnose the disease for almost a year and a half."


Why do you feel that we need Luven Diagnostic at this moment?

"Currently there are practically no available and effective screening methods for early oncological diagnosis. Realization of this project will save millions of patients if we get to know their health condition at the right time."


What is the goal of Luven Diagnostic tokens?

"After inception of the project dividends will be divided among tokens. We are also planning trading in the stock market. For all countries with the exception of the United States, Singapore, and others, where tokens are equated to shares and regulation is imposed, there will be an opportunity to exchange tokens for tests or sell them among our clinic partners at a higher cost."


Where do you see the project in 1 year?

"We want to correct inequities, go through clinical trials in Europe and start working in European Union and Eastern Europe countries. And in parallel, we're planning to do some work to receive the FDA."


Why do I have to invest in your ICO against holding bitcoins?

"The market of oncological diagnostics grows exponentially and, accordingly demand for tokens and technologies will grow. As work continues on methodology, new directions will also  be developed; since our method has an ability to detect not only oncological diseases, and not only analyse a human's health.

We don't know what is going to happen to bitcoin, because its price is provided only by speculative demand. By investing in our project you can contribute to a project that shall change the world of medicine and make a big breakthrough in the field of oncology; thus knowing that with your help someone's life will either be saved or made longer."


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