Buglab: Crowdsourced Cybersecurity on the Blockchain



Buglab, A French crowdsourcing cybersecurity startup, is leveraging blockchain technologies to help secure small to medium-sized businesses. Buglab leverages the power of the Ethereum blockchain to empower viable, flexible, and reliable penetration tests for enterprise solutions. 

At the centre of Buglab's ecosystem, there are two programs- the Buglab contest and the Vigilante Protocol, helping companies all over the world to discover and fix vulnerabilities on their digital solutions or assets. Buglab links clients with a global network of certified cybersecurity penetration testers in an incentivized environment. The testers are rewarded based on their cumulative discoveries in time-limit competitions.

With the Vigilante Protocol, buglab provides an avenue for whitehats to share their own vulnerability discoveries. We then work with CERTs all over the world to verify those discoveries and notify companies at risk.

Buglab will offer a unique, competitive, incentivized, and easy-to-use platform to address this widespread and growing business need in cybersecurity.

Buglab will assist companies, whether in IT, financial services, or in retail, to identify and mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities they may not (but should) know about.
— Buglab CEO, Reda Cherqaoui.

What are BGL Tokens?

  • A token on the Ethereum blockchain is a digital asset that is held inside a token contract, in trust for a wallet address.
  • The buglab token, identified as BGL, is based on the ERC20 standard for blockchain tokens.
  • BGL tokens are required for all transactions in the buglab ecosystem, from ordering a contest to rewarding pentesters and whitehats.

Independent research company Gartner predicts that spending on cybersecurity in 2018 will reach an estimated $93 billion USD. In fact, the cybersecurity industry is anticipated to rise by 11 percent between this season and 2022. The Buglab platform links associations which have info security demands with a community of accredited cybersecurity penetration testers in an environment. 

Buglab will be launching their Token Distribution Event (TDE) soon. Those who are interested in participating are encouraged to check out the official Buglab website.