KWH COIN: Fueling the Future of Power Generation with KWHCoin

Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved by KWHCoin

Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved by KWHCoin

One of the greatest challenges facing infrastructure development experts for the last several decades has been reaching the more than one billion people that do not have reliable energy access. The most vexing complication is obtaining the funding needed to develop traditional large-scale grids in impoverished areas. However, the solution to the problem lies in redefining the solution. Instead of large grids made up of traditional powerplants, why not use microgrids that use a variety of renewable energy sources to reduce cost and improve efficiency?

That is where KWHCoin comes into the picture. Its focus is two-fold, reducing the cost of buying and using renewable energy for the end consumer while spurring the development of microgrids in regions desperately needing these capital investments. 

Funding the Development of Microgrids

Electrical grid development has come full circle from its humble origins. The earliest grids were developed on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, with lines running to local gas and coal turbines to churn out electricity to the subscribers. As generators became more powerful, it made sense it create massive stations that could serve tens of thousands at once. 

Renewable energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines, turns this paradigm on its head. Every home and business can be its own miniature power station, making it unnecessary in many cases to create expensive grids covering entire regions. 

KWHCoin supports the development of these new decentralized power grids, which enables the pooling of all these renewable sources to ensure that everyone has the power they need without the pollution or ongoing expense. 

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has experienced something never before seen in a first world country – the complete annihilation of its electrical grid due to a natural disaster. Even now, several months after the 2017 hurricane, large swaths of the territory-commonwealth is without power. Citizens have to turn to renewable energy or expensive diesel generators to power their homes and businesses.

KWHCoin sees this disaster as the perfect opportunity to create the first truly 21st-century electrical grid. It is donating nearly a quarter million dollars and 1.5 million KWHCoins to the island, with the explicit goal of providing them with the financial means to develop and implement renewable-energy backed microgrids. These grids, once installed, will make future disasters easier to manage and recover from by increasing redundancy and ensuring at least a measure of local self-reliance among home and business owners. For instance, if a home produces 50% of the electricity it consumes then all the residents have to do is cut back until the main grid is restored following an outage. 

KWHCoin is leading the world into an era in which the average electricity consumer can choose where he or she gets their electricity without having to move to another city or make huge investments in green generation technology. Every unit of green energy produced is backed by a KWH token, which is freely available for purchase and consumption by the end user, transforming electrical production from being a near monopolistic endeavour to a democratic free market system.

All production and transactions are recorded through an infallible blockchain that is automatically updated and audited by the end users themselves. This means it is impossible for an error to occur since everything is verified by everyone in real time. That is the future – reduce the cost of buying and selling green energy while making certain that every transaction is handled properly in a fair and transparent manner.

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