Titanium Takes the ICO World by Storm

© Copyright 2017 - Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

© Copyright 2017 - Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

Initial Coin Offerings have risen to become one of the most popular forms of fundraising new and established companies have on hand in 2018. Throughout the last year, we have seen records being set and broken in both the amount of capital raised and the speed in which it was done. Well, Titanium has broken the record once again by raising over one million dollars in just 18 days.

Initial Coin Offerings are similar to the venerable Initial Public Offerings that many companies use to transition from being private to publicly held. Instead of individual stocks, however, the symbol of ownership is instead a digital coin monitored through a decentralized blockchain. 

These coins, which have existed in many forms for over a decade, are freely tradeable and hold a value beyond that of the company itself. Since they can be broken apart (for instance you can spend half a coin) it is possible to use these coins in the day to day transactions. This means that the ICO is not only offering the modern equivalent of stock for sale, it is the creation of a secure and readily usable medium of exchange.

ICOs raise money without middlemen, such as venture capitalists and angel investors, which, even if they give you money, they also take a percentage of equity of the company, require a certain number of seats on the board of directors, and so forth. In fact, ICOs are now raising more money for start-ups than early stage venture capital.
— Founder and CEO Mike Stollaire.

Unlike most Blockchain startups and Initial Coin Offerings that have come from the recent wave, the Titanium Core Team isn't composed of newcomers to technology. In stark contrast, the core Titanium team has over two hundred years of combined experience, and it's also not the first technology firm that Titanium's Founder and Chief executive officer, Michael Stollaire, has formed. In 1999, Mr.Stollaire founded EHI, a technology consultancy specializing in business infrastructure administration. EHI and its advisers are known in the business As a top tier, elite employees, according to their impressive Client List and testimonies. 

Most Blockchain startups and ICO confront a very serious problem once they develop a viable product and support: finding businesses and individuals which will, in fact, buy them and use them. Titanium won't have this issue. As EHI's sister firm, Titanium will only inherit EHI's customers, and since the EHI is considered a highly reliable source of client support and employees, Titanium will also evolve to encompass the professionalism and experience that EHI deliver.

The Short Offering

ICOs, like IPOs, are offered for a set period of time in order to ensure that everyone interested has the opportunity to take part. Titanium's plan was to offer the initial coins for two months. However, demand was so high that they sold out in less than three weeks. 

Hitting this important target so far in advance of our expectations has served as an incredible validation of the project. Our team has worked unbelievably hard to meet demand and we are delighted to see such support from the community.
— Founder and CEO Michael Stollaire. 

The Future

Fundraising, in general, is meant to help a company raise capital vital for product development and market expansion. Titanium is using the raised capital to develop what it believes to be the next stage for digital business management. Their goal is to make handling everything from servers to firewalls manageable from a single source, all securely backed by the latest in decentralized computing technology.

The end result is the ability to offer companies the ability to get started with just a push of a button. No wasting weeks installing equipment or making expensive capital investments – just a single sign-in from any modern device. 

About Titanium

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services is a cloud infrastructure development and production company dedicated to furthering the development of Infrastructure as a Service technology to encompass every device a business may require being successful. This philosophy, dubbed Company as a Service™ (CaaS,) is designed to virtualize everything from servers and load balancers to routers, firewalls, and dedicated equipment such as cryptocurrency miners. As the technology matures, more items that traditionally only existed in physical forms can be digitized, providing high-quality services for less.

All of which are handled through the secure and decentralized Ethereum blockchain network. Discover more about Titanium today by visiting: https://tbis.io/