Hicky: Discover the Future of Online Dating



Online dating should not be a guessing game. New generations of online daters have grown up in an environment where taking care to protect one’s digital identity is taken as seriously as one’s physical information. Most social media and dating apps have not been able to figure out how to cater to this need until now – discover how Hicky brings the latest in information security to the dating world. 

Online Dating in the Token Age

Online dating has lone earned its reputation for being a risky enterprise. From people completely lying about their appearance and past to “ghosting” as a single date, it is nearly impossible to gauge with any certainty who you are talking to or what to expect as the relationship matures. The solution to this quandary is to incentive the participants to make honesty their priority.

Hicky ties every interaction to a decentralized blockchain. This means that everything from the very beginning is handled in a manner that eliminates the potential for an Ashley Madison level event since by joining the system all participants must acknowledge that what they say, while encrypted, is still a part of the public record. 

This all but weeds out those looking to be deceitful in their dealing, allowing the remaining participants the comfort of knowing that whoever they speak to is genuinely interested in forming a happy, healthy, long-term relationship.

Online Dating is broken and we are on a mission to healing it. Hicky redefines online dating by merging online possibilities with offline realities - creating a platform that offers the best of both worlds
— Kian Schreiber, Hicky

The Hicky Token

There has been a great deal of talk about augmenting digital currency, turning it from a mere symbol of value to making each unit serve a role in transparent data management. However, examples up until today have focused on heavily technical issues such as equipment data or digital contracts. Hicky stands as the first major enterprise to apply an individual-centered application through its dating platform.

Each coin, beyond offering the traditional benefits of digital currency in accumulating value through use, also serves as an access token to the dating platform. In short, end users will be required to trade these coins in order to send any sort of messages (letters, videos, pictures, etc.) Since the coins are indelibly linked to their owners, this eliminates the challenge behind verifying an individual’s identity.

About Hicky

Hicky was founded with the simple premise that online dating should not be a compromise between convenience and security. The problem? Traditional dating apps had no way of verifying the identities of participants. Anyone could claim to be anything, with nothing but the app’s servers providing a means to keep track of what happened. Both from a security and privacy standpoint, this was far from effective.

By using a decentralized blockchain backed by effective encryption, it is possible to remedy both at the same time. The blockchain is by its very nature impossible to deceive, thanks to how every coin being able to be traced from its creation. Since everything attached is digitally secured, finding proof of who said what is as simple as opening the app and using the desired user’s security credentials. 

To learn more about Hicky, and participate in their ICO: https://hicky.io/