ODEM: Modernizing Education Through the Blockchain

Copyright© 2018 odem.io

Copyright© 2018 odem.io

College is expensive. That simple fact has kept more students and parents awake at night as high school graduation approaches than cars, dating, and that pesky dog down the street combined. ODEM proposes to eliminate this disconcertion by eliminating the greatest causes for the increased cost of post-secondary education and making obtaining a quality education more convenient for the student. By participating in this education marketplace, students can learn what they need and want on their own time frames. Discover why using cryptocurrency can truly bring education into the modern world.  

Why Use Blockchain in Education?

The greatest strength of a blockchain implementation is its unwavering accuracy. Each entry, each token, can be traced to a specific interaction that identifies all participants in a transparent manner that cannot be altered. 

For education purposes, this means the end of forged transcripts or falsified diplomas. An employer can just perform a quick and free audit of the chain to see exactly what the prospective hire studied and know instantly if he or she will be a good fit for the company.

Smart Contracts vs a College Diploma

What is a college diploma? It is merely a certificate saying that a student completed a degree program according to a university’s standards. Thanks to rapidly changing market demands and the plethora of diploma mills, a diploma doesn’t necessarily mean anything mere minutes after it is issued. 

An ODEM smart contract, on the other hand, represents the knowledge gained on a specific subject. Its validity is based on the reputation of the professor and the course itself, meaning it is beyond reproach in a way that a university degree program cannot match. For instance, a computer science major may obtain a programming degree but be considered unworthy of being hired if the school doesn’t have a reputation for excellence in teaching a specific language – regardless if the student knows it or not.

The smart contract will be able to prove to prospective employers that the student has studied the language and has obtained the skills necessary for the project. Thus, by going through the ODEM platform the student obtains the skills and backing needed to succeed for a fraction of the price of a four-year degree.

About ODEM

The traditional education system is the final vestiges of an old assembly-line methodology popularized during the industrial revolution. Have all students receive the same materials and be held to the same standards, regardless of the pupils’ actual goals. The end result is an environment in which price inflation has deprived many of the opportunity to obtain a quality education while also making it difficult for a modern curriculum to be developed in real time.

ODEM utilizes smart contracts backed by the blockchain to enable qualified educators and students to find each other and build an academic relationship based on the most relevant materials available. In short – ODEM is eliminating the college aspect of a college education by eliminating the bureaucracy and overhead associated with attending a traditional campus.

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