MONEYTOKEN: a Blockchain-Based Financial Ecosystem



For anybody involved in the world of bitcoin, they know that cryptocurrencies offer the opportunity for incredible wealth and development, but they are also beset by issues.

Bitcoin in particular, which has become the most famous and valuable of all the cryptocurrencies developed over the last decade, has a wide range of issues. It’s expensive to buy, difficult to trade, and the value is very unpredictable.

However, there is one problem above all that plagues true believers and investors alike. This problem makes them reluctant to spend or use bitcoin in the way that it was originally designed for - which of course reduces its long-term viability.

That problem is that spending bitcoin makes it impossible for the owner to benefit from future growth in value. As an investor, the way to make money is, of course, to buy low, and hold on to an asset until it has grown in value and then can be sold at a high.

MoneyToken revolutionizes the way that fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies interact, and solves this problem in one fell swoop. Instead, the vision of this bold new startup is to provide investors with fiat currency loans by accepting BTC and ETH as collateral.

The truly amazing part about this innovation is that a user and bitcoin investor can now have both liquid funds and their hold their crypto asset at the same time.

How is this possible? Well, because MoneyToken makes a fiat loan on the basis of collateral, but after the loan is paid back, the user can receive their entire collateral back. So your crypto assets are yours.

But the MoneyToken team has their sights set on even bigger things. Their goal is to be more than just a lending platform. Instead, they went to create an entire ecosystem using a brand-new coin and a decentralized exchange.

For this goal, they’ve already applied to patent the technology behind crypto-backed loans. And as a next step, they will also launch a new AI assistant named Amanda. Her job is to support clients directly via web interface and messenger. The startling end goal is the possibility of taking a $500,000 loan using nothing but your smartphone and the Telegram app!

Of course, a project of this audacity could not be attempted by many entrepreneurs. The MoneyToken team has a broad range of experience in the finance sector in the United States.

The MoneyToken founder, Alex Rass, is a former employee of Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, and Bloomberg. The team also includes Jeffrey Chuddy, a professional risk manager with over 15 years of experience in valuation, risk, and consulting. Rounding out the team includes an array of professionals in trading, automation, analytics, and more.

MoneyToken’s timeline for launching the platform is only weeks away. In preparation, their token is designed to give users a discount on the platform fees. This model is similar to that used at Binance, and it is extremely profitable. The result is that this inexpensive token costs only cents right now - but may well grow rapidly in value, based on current market trends.

Inside information has hinted at a partnership between the new MoneyToken project and the Bancor network. If true, that could mean that the IMT token already has liquidity and that sale participant will be able to sell their tokens on the Bancor network after the sale is completed.

By re-imagining the way money is loaned and the way that fiat and cryptocurrencies work, MoneyToken’s launch has quickly become one of the most anticipated token sales of 2018. When the platform launches, crypto investors will be able to truly access and use the value locked up in their crypto assets whenever they need to.

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