GLOBITEX: Institutional Grade Global Bitcoin Exchange

Copyright © 2018 Globitex

Copyright © 2018 Globitex

A group of highly experienced cryptocurrency traders are launching a new and exciting institutional grade global Bitcoin exchange with advanced API functionality focused on professional traders at its core. Scaling through their ICO to accelerate Bitcoin development into a truly global currency, they will accept Bitcoin (XBT), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for their forthcoming token sale.

The institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange, co-founded by an early Bitcoin adopter Jon Matonis, has announced their token sale project to facilitate a step-change in trading volumes and liquidity, with their public sale for their GBX Token set to launch on February 10th, 2018.

The Globitex Trading Platform includes an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licensed firm, providing a technologically advanced Application programming port empowered trading platform for institutional and retail market participants. 

The core Globitex offering presents an electronic money exchange, enabling everyone to trade commodity and money market instruments for Bitcoin. The existing institutional grade Bitcoin market, with unrivalled application programming interface capacities, will scale to an international scale.

I look forward to this evolution of digital currency trading platforms that ensure futures contracts with a physical delivery component. Strong connection to the spot markets, including contract limits and physical delivery that is linked to provisioned commodities, will serve as the market standard for price integrity.
— Jon Matonis, Globitex chairman and Bitcoin Foundation founding director

The platform allows producers to buy and exchange listed products for Bitcoin, and allows trading companies and speculators to market their risks from Bitcoin with the use of derivatives trading. This will increase the use cases for Bitcoin as a medium of trade and eventually establish Bitcoin as a unit of account suitable for international trade, with no geographic, political or monetary constraints.  

Bitcoin is not nearly where it should be in terms of capability. Globitex will create demand for Bitcoin and show it can be used for so much more.
— Liza Aizupiete, Co-Founder, Globitex

All trading on Globitex is currently totally free and the average exchange commission is only 0.2% per trade. To find out more, head to

Globitex is an institutional grade Bitcoin market, with unrivalled Application programming interface capacities for immediate market access. The project has received venture capital financing with the intent of building a Bitcoin market that represented the team’s vision of how a market should work with respect to connectivity, matching, reporting and settlement. 

The Globitex GBX token is a utility token. It is an essential part of the Globitex market platform as a means to support and cover the services on the platform.

The main functions of the Globitex GBX token are: 

  • Settlement of trades, or redeemable as payment for commissions on the Globitex trade (commission payment token) 
  • Participation in loyalty programs planned for Globitex customers and contributors, whereby contributors will be participating in the business’s overall success 
  • Participation in additional bonus and incentivization programs linked to some contributor’s involvement with Globitex and its overall success. 
  • The Globitex GBX token will also be available for trade on the Globitex market itself so contributors may have a guaranteed market for redemption. All redeemed tokens will be burned. 

The Globitex GBX token sale is coordinated in order to scale the existing Globitex market infrastructure to the necessary industrial trading level, with a capability to accommodate standardised money markets and commodity listings. Alongside this, the token sale is also intended for the business development objectives divided into 3 parts, enabling the staff to utilize the proceeds in order for you to attain the goals set forth:

Stage 1 — Spot FX and REPO

  • Scale spot FX, where Bitcoin can be traded vs. major fiat and other cryptocurrencies
  • Implement FX margin trading ability — REPO
  • List precious metals spot contracts

Stage 2 — Money Markets and Derivatives

  • Develop Bitcoin money markets — Bitcoin Inter-Broker Offered Rate (BIBOR)
  • List cash settled commodity futures and options
  • List cryptocurrency futures, swaps and options

Stage 3 — Deliverable Commodity Derivatives

  • List Bitcoin priced Globitex commodity index, or GCOM
  • Enable precious metals futures contracts to be physically deliverable
  • Further develop warehousing infrastructure and expand spot commodities

The Globitex GBX tokens will be distributed up to one month after the official end of the main token sale on March 19, 2018 at 17:00 UTC or when the hard cap of EUR 10,000,000 is reached whichever event comes first. The tokens can be used after they are enabled on the Globitex exchange.

The Globitex Public Sale starts on February 10th, 2018 to participate, head to: