AUCTUS: Decentralized Retirement Planning


Auctus, the world’s first platform for smart contract-powered retirement plans, just released their (alpha platform) on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet.

The platform uses a combination of robo-advisory and human advisory to help you build a retirement plan which focuses on your personal goals. Their vision is to enable well informed decisions, by using blockchain to increase transparency and automation, and ultimately increase trust towards the chosen retirement plan. 

“We are very thrilled the way things are currently going. The released platform allows us to get market feedback from our worldwide community. All gathered feedback will be evaluated with the team, our advisors and lawyers and subsequently we will lay out the strategy four our beta release, which will be on Ethereum mainnet”
— Daniel Duarte, CTO at Auctus

Auctus has a brought together strong team and over the last few months have built a number of partnerships with leading blockchain companies, including 0x, Cofoundit, Aragon, Bancor and Amadeus. There will also be a community element to the project, which incentivizes users to come onto the platform as advisors.  


In addition to their recent platform release, Auctus is launching a Token Sale on the 27th March, which looks like it will sell out very quickly. Then team are available to contact directly on their Telegram channel.

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