PINNACLE BRILLIANCE: New BRIL Token Set to Revolutionize Trading and Investing



In a busy world of trading, the launch of another platform would normally illicit little attention - except that in this case the new trading and investing platform is based on the blockchain.

The financial sector has enjoyed many years of extreme growth, and Pinnacle Brilliance Systems and their team are working to build a piece of software that they argue will quickly be seen as the “best trading platform in the world.”

This is a bold claim, but it could very well be true for this enterprising team. That’s because they are not just relying on their own already considerable knowledge and expertise.

In fact, they have taken many steps to grow their own core group. Professional trader and CEO Roman Guelfi-Gibbs sought out several highly respected and sophisticated crypto experts. David Drake has had a huge influence in the development of the crypto world and has sat as an advisor on many projects.

Bringing this experience to Pinnacle is exciting for the fledgling company. Describing his product, CEO Roman Guelfi-Gibbs explained that choosing the right trading platform can be difficult.

“Which websites should you use? Whose advice should you listen to?” he asked. “Pinnacle aims to answer those questions.”
— Roman Guelfi-Gibbs, CEO, Pinnacle Brilliance

Based on the well-developed fundamentals of the crypto world, Pinnacle will be developed into a full featured investment application. A Stellar-based token, Brilliance (BRIL) is going to be Pinnacle’s backbone, and will be used for all core functions on the platform.

In fact, the platform will be very flexible. In one place, traders will have access to every major trading exchange, including stocks, bonds, options, crypto, Forex, and futures. Each of these will be fully functional on PC, Mac, Android, and iOs.

But that’s not all. According to Pinnacle’s vision, they also intend to offer trading courses for beginners to learn the skills they must master to excel. For more advanced users, they will be able to take advantage of encrypted group messages which can be monetized. This lets professionals offer subscriptions to their trading tips and strategies.

Why would Pinnacle place such an emphasis on ease of use for beginners and on education? Because one of their core missions is to revolutionize trading and allow every single person to become a successful trader. Their team believes that the right tools and information on trading styles can help make this dream come true.

In keeping with this theme of accessibility and ease-of-use, Pinnacle also has their sights set on creating the only application right now that can provide fully automated arbitrage trading within and between all exchanges. That means that users can simply set and forget this module. Because it’s a completely automated trading bot, all the functions necessary will be performed for you.

However, these bots are not the only ones that Pinnacle believes will help. That is because they plan to build the only crypto app in the world that will allow users to create their own bots, along with other tools and strategies, for use with their accounts. In fact, they plan to make this feature so simple and easy to use that it will simply be drag-and-drop. Of course, once a trader has created a bot or system that he enjoys, Pinnacle will then allow him to sell this creation on the Pinnacle Traders Market for BRIL.

So what does the BRIL token do? It is necessary to help break down the traditional barriers to the financial industry which is highly regulated. Before the invention of the blockchain, this would not have been possible. Instead, Pinnacle will use BRIL to help facility trading functions between the exchanges and Pinnacle when trades take place. The BRIL token will also be used to make payments for fees, trading bonuses, tips, and subscription services.

The new token may be purchased after the Pinnacle launch. Holding the tokens is a requirement to use the service, as this will help ensure a consistent increase in value over time.

Pinnacle promises to become one of the most exciting crypto platforms today. You can learn more about it on their website here.