Project Shivom excites with announcement of partnership with Genetic Technologies Limited


One of the most exciting aspects of the development in blockchain technology is its power to disrupt and revolutionise existing practices. Project Shivom is a prime example how this technological evolution can be utilised to bring about real value and benefit to society. Shivom is proposing to accumulate and create the world’s largest blockchain enabled genome repository to revolutionise DNA data analysis.

Not only will it be the largest Genomic Data-hub in the plant, but also empower and reward contributors with control of their own Genetic information and their highly-valued tokens – the OmiX (Omx).

To facilitate its aim of establishing a fully integrated, open, shareable, scalable ecosystem Project Shivom has sought to collaborate with leading organisations in the industry. This already promising project has been further boosted with the announcement of one such partnership with an industry leader - Genetic Technologies Limited (GTG).

GTG, a diversified molecular diagnostics company, is a provider of BREVAGenplus — a first-in-class clinically validated risk assessment test for sporadic (non-hereditart) breast cancer that embraces blockchain technologies across genomic treating platforms.

This proposed collaboration with GTG is intended to aid Project Shivom’s plans to collect significant volumes of genomic data in order to create a platform to provide ancestry data, personal health insight and genomic data for research.

The partnership offers numerous mutual advantages for both GTG and Shivom, and most importantly to consumers seeking to use the services and products offered.

The agreement aims to provide a framework for GTG to become a collaborative laboratory as part of a global network of laboratories as envisaged by Project Shivom.  This will enable GTG to enhance its experience in the development of predictive cancer tests through access to a large population of data and new markets, as well as forming the basis of a new data monitoring and real time risk assent service.

Access to Project Shivom significant pool of data will enable GTG to modify its risk assessment kits for additional ethnicities as well as the potential to develop new products based on opportunity and areas of need.

Commenting on this proposed collaboration Dr Paul Kasian, Genetic Technologies’ Chairman said: “The Board is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Project Shivom on its unique blockchain platform. Where the formal terms are agreed with Project Shivom, access to such a large database of genomic data would allow GTG to utilize its SNP based risk assessment technologies and Australian CLIA accredited laboratory to facilitate the potential further development of other predictive cancer tests, enabling GTG to offer a comprehensive risk assessment portfolio.”

The highly anticipated ICO for Shivom’s custom Omix tokens commences on the 15th of April 2015.

Visit the Shivom website to learn more about the project, read the whitepaper and get involved with the ICO.