Coin FT's Top 10 ICOs of 2018 (so far...)

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The first quarter of 2018 has proved to be a turbulent period for the cryptocurrency space with falling investor demand, regulatory scrutiny and high volatility.

Despite these testing times a variety of projects that seek to tap into the growing mainstream penetration of blockchain technology are continuing to be developed.

Here we look at the top 10 ICOs for promising projects utilising blockchain technology to disrupt and reshape business as we know it.


1. Superbloom

We can’t start a rundown of the top ICOs without including a project that aims to fundamentally improve the world of ICO fundraising. 

Superbloom's platform solves many problems in ICO investing by offering users a safe and secure place to easily purchase, sell and manage their ICO investments alongside other cryptocurrencies. It is more than merely a trading platform, with features that will give users access to exclusive private pre-sales. 

Superbloom's team have strong technical backgrounds and are extremely well known in industry circles, with the founders of Stellar and Bancor on their Advisory board, so it is expected that there will be some hot deals coming through the platform very soon. 

Superbloom is currently raising money from strategic investors for their SEED token which acts as a membership token. The token (SEED) also gives holders access to lower cost trades and exclusive deals. 

We have always been bullish on exchange tokens with Binance's BNB, KuCoin Shares and Airswap's AST performing extremely well in the market. 

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2. BitGuild

BitGuild has set its sights on revolutionising the gaming industry by redefining the relationship between gamers and developers. Through an innovative application of blockchain technology, BitGuild will enable full and genuine ownership of in-game assets, cheap and safe item trading and cross-game compatibility of items and currency. The foundation of the BitGuild ecosystem is the PLAT token which will be utilised to fund games, as well as play them, and ultimately give a voice to gaming enthusiast as to the future of video games on the blockchain.

PLAT - the official token of the platform - will be issued as a custom ERC-20 Ethereum token. BitGuild has already successfully completed both its private and public ICO process for the PLAT token sale with 3,500,000,000 PLAT tokens sold privately and another 451,705,422 PLAT sold during the public sale.


3. MoneyToken

The underlying idea behind MoneyToken revolves around a straightforward challenge that has persisted for some time: spending crypto assets today prevents holders from gaining on future growth in the value of the assets. This is where MoneyToken comes in.

The platform allows users to borrow liquid funds instantly by using their more volatile crypto assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral. Once the agreed loan amount is repeated users receive their crypto collateral back in whole, meaning if their crypto has gone up in value they are able to reap its benefits.

The MoneyToken team enters the crypto market with an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise in finance. The team was founded by two high- level executives within the FinTech industry.



Getting a college education today is an expensive outlay that keeps parents and students awake at night. ODEM is an education startup that proposes to eliminate this disconcertion by transforming the way education is accessed, how it is priced and most significantly help improve a failing educational system.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain this On-Demand Education Marketplace seeks to connect students, educators and service providers to develop and engage in personal and group, in-person educational programs. The platform reduces costs and improves access to premium education by directly connecting educators with students and eliminating inefficient and costly intermediaries. Students and other education buyers can easily research and find the perfect curriculum for educators around the World. For educators, it increases their visibility among all education buyers, generates real-time feedback on courses, and pays incentives for development of relevant courses.

ODEM uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly manage complex requests, organizing complete educational programs around the world. Once programs are entered into by students and educators, ODEM smart contracts seamlessly manage payments from beginning to the end of long-term engagements.

Having aimed to raise a minimum of €1 million, the pre-sale of the ODEM token ultimately sold €2.2 million worth of token by the close of the pre-sale.



OILSC is an oil and gas supply chain technology that aims to become an integral part of the $5 billion global drilling waste management market. The startup has set its sight on moving the contracts and supply chains of the world’s largest oil and gas waste disposal companies onto the blockchain.

Through the use of blockchain technology, OILSC proposes to solve several major efficiency challenges in the global oil and gas industry. Including encouraging cooperation between global leaders in oil and gas production, national governments and remediation organisations to increase environmental responsibility within the sector. With such partnerships managed using the smart contracts.

There are 180 million OILSC token in total with 130 million of those available and the remaining 50 million tokens held by the company “for future expansion and development rewards, marketing, incentives and back office.” The pre-ICO for the tokens began in December with a price of 1 ETH for 3850 tokens. The public sale which ran for six weeks beginning on January 10 has now concluded.


6. ThinkCoin

ThinkCoin is the digital trading token that underpins a revolutionary new peer-to-peer trading network called TradeConnect. This network aims to decentralise and democratise trading to allow individuals and institutions to engage in direct trades with one another. With ThinkCoin users can trade forex, commodities, shares and other financial assists in a simple, secure and user-friendly way.

The TradeConnect platform has various advanced features that really make it stand out from other similar networks, including complex scoring models for Liquidity Enhancement called Digital Personas, a unique AI engine for predictive modeling of your trades, a trade matching engine that removes commissions and creates a connect fee that allows the trader to take part in a rebate pool based on volume.

There is a total of 500,000,000 TCO with a total allocation of 300,000,000 tokens: with a Hard Cap and Soft Cap of $30,000,000 USD and

$5,000,000 USD respectively. Although the private sale has concluded the first of 2 Pre-ICO sale phases has 12 days remaining.


7. Photochain

There are very few markets which seem more intuitively suited for blockchain technology than the stock photography industry. Currently, photographers who use stock photo website to sell their work are not only unable to set their own price, but also generally get less than 25% of the money that their works are sold for. What is more many will still have to wait several weeks to receive this relatively small cut.

Photochain is a decentralised application built on the Ethereum network that seeks to reinvent photo stocks around the buyers and the sellers, returning control back to photographers and the marketplace. In comparison to current practice, Photochain wants to pay the producers of the content 95% of the sale fee while its fast verification process will make sure there is no delay in receiving the payment.

There is 230,000,000 PHT token in supply, with 170,000,000 of that segmented for investor supply. The Hard Cap for the ICO is 20,000 ETH.



For over 20 years, ORS GROUP has been a leader in delivering sophisticated software solutions using proprietary Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics algorithms, saving its clients over $1 billion yearly. The group's international client base includes Fortune 2000 companies, and encompasses industries within the retail, energy, finance and manufacturing sectors. ORS GROUP now intends to share its wealth of knowledge by connecting AI and blockchain through a new product - the Hypersmart Contracts - to provide access to over 1,000 proprietary algorithms as well as hundreds of software solutions to the crypto space and established business.

The ORS token (ORST) will be issued as a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. The ICO for token sales will open on the 28th of April with 500,000,000 tokens available for purchase.


9. Naviaddress

Naviaddress is the first global digital addressing system powered by blockchain. The company seeks to create a decentralised and unified system that can be used to address objects and places in the virtual and real world. As a result, providing people and business with the freedom and ability to create, obtain, own, lend and sell their digital addresses.

Using a proprietary technology patent, Naviaddress has developed a platform with the capacity of assigning a digital address to any location in the world through the simple use of geo-coordinate precision. It has been designed to utilise a number of languages as well as the ability to intake additional information, such as contacts, for improved user content.

Naviaddress users can contact each via phone calls on the platform, as well as providing the opportunity to access numerous other features. One example is ordering a taxi with the built-in Uber API. With a few simple clicks, your Uber can be ordered and make its way to you.

10. Shping

Fact: people love to shop. Shopping constitutes a feature our daily habits and continues to be one the most popular pastimes. Indeed it generates a wapping $28 trillion globally per year.

One transformation that has irrevocably altered our shopping habits is the emergence of advanced technologies that place this phenomenon in the palm of our hands. We hunt and gather information online, even if some of us ultimately decide to buy it in store. Shping comes into this equation by aggregating the crucial information about products to help shoppers make purchase decisions instantaneously.

This innovative platform enhances at every level the path-to-purchase at every stage of the product journey, even after the consumer has departed from the store. Shping’s app enables customers to scan product barcodes to learn relevant information supplied by industry authorise and brands. It also allows them to check for authenticity, the products recall status and product reviews contributed by other Shping users, so that customers can make smarter and informed purchase decisions.

Users are also able to claim Shping’s token based on a host of actions that inform product purchases. The ores-sale for the SHPING concluded on January 31st, 2018 with a Hard Cap of $ 37.2 million.