Jetmint: connecting ICO and investors of digital asset projects

Copyright © 2018, Jetmint Foundation Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2018, Jetmint Foundation Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Whether it is building financial solutions for the future or revolutionising medical practice
and everything else in between projects utilising the power blockchain has given us a
glimpse of the future.

But with such a plethora of projects how can investors find the right projects for them?
And what of those with projects in mind - how do they go about accessing the right
resources to unleash the potential of their ICO ideas?

Founded in 2017, Jetmint is an open platform built for both investors and ICO initiators
with precisely the aim of bridging this gap. The Jetmint system will give rise to a global
digital asset minting and management, establishing a direct bridge
between the issuers and investors of digital asset projects, providing both kinds of
participants with a comprehensive array of project-related services.

We asked CEO Heming Liu some tough questions regarding the project:

What was the inspiration behind starting Jetmint?

What Jetmint bringing to the world of Crypto-currency is an open platform for ICO project tracking and fund allocation monitoring, which is something we believe missing at the moment.

Why do you feel we need Jetmint at this current moment in time?

Choosing a tech stack for cryptocurrency issuing is a complicated business these days. Every team is focusing on raising the technical bar of one’s said solution when it comes to ICO, and forget about users. When we say users, we meant people who would like to leverage coins/tokens to get theirs off the ground, and people who want to know where and how their investment be allocated.

We have seen many projects going ICO and vanished without trace, while on the other end, many genuine and innovative projects not getting the right funding they deserved.
All of these are simply deriding the reputation of Crypto-currency market, As part of this flourishing market, we would like to do our part to right the wrongs.

When will a first version of the platform be available?

Our current ETA would be before month end of April 2018. We have a group of professional developers working around the clock for the first version.
As we are building system from group up, and putting users first, safety and security is our current topmost priority, some delay and refinement are expected.

What purpose will the Jetmint tokens have?

There are multiple roles for the JetMint tokens. For the functional part, they would be our de facto standard calculation unit for any features hosted on the platform, including but not limited to any operating cost required. Also, service payment would be based on Jetmint tokens.

Not only that, the Jetmint tokens are here to help filling the gaps of value expectation between project initiator and investor. Like any other market related to value exchange, direct conversion of investor’s offer and project’s demand is not as strict forward as people would think.

In addition to the basic functional roles on the platform, Jetmint tokens are part of the Stellar network, which means we would able to offer more beyond Jetmint platform in the future.

What are the current details of your ICO?

The total number tokens issuing for Jetmint is 100,000,000,000 XYZ. We are targeting 10% of that number for our ICO, with 250:1 ratio to Stellar (XLM).

We have no plan for further issuance in the future. Also, XYZ is a callable token based on its market value.

Where do you see the project in 1 years time?

We already have a roadmap of the project up to version 3.0 for our first-year time frame.
Our feature deliveries are of stage based, each iteration of our version release will bring more to the table. However, that means we are also prepared to grow with market demands.
If the market reaction is positive and seeing value in the service we are offering we will speed up our delivery to match that.

Why should I invest in your ICO vs holding Bitcoin or ETH?

Jetmint token(XYZ) is based on and evolved around the Stellar network, we believe in bringing tangible benefit to our investor and low-cost access services to maximize individual/team potential.