PHI Token: The Future of Wealth Management Has Arrived



PHI Token, the first asset management marketplace that combines cryptocurrency investment with traditional finance has launched on The announcement sees the project take another step in its planned disruption of the $90 trillion market. 

The blockchain-based project from Damian Capital LTD, with its innovative hybrid-investment platform, was the source of significant interest from investors during its pre-ICO campaign, raising over $4.7m its first forty-eight hours alone. 

We caught up with CEO Danielle Bernardi to learn more about this exciting project. 

What was the inspiration behind starting Phitoken?

“The initial answer is that Damian (the company behind Phitoken) has 16 years of experience in the financial consultancy sector, including providing quantitative financial advisory for institutions and engaging in R&D. 

This project is a natural progression of what we have been working on since 2013. The crisis for government bonds—where interest rates are close to zero and sometimes even negative—has increased the need for financial advisors and managers to help customers make the best investment decisions. 

Secondly there is no platform that maintains the figure of the financial advisor, giving the final customer complete access to all types of possible investments. This includes the securitisation and trading of complex assets like cryptocurrencies alongside traditional ones.”

Why do you feel we need Phitoken at this current moment in time?

“One of the reasons is the lack of platforms that give investors complete access to both traditional assets and new securities like cryptocurrencies. 

Phitoken provides access to unique financial instruments through the utilisation of PIFs—Professional Investment Funds—to allow the securitisation of assets like cryptocurrencies. 

Secondly, our hybrid advisory platform overcomes a number of difficulties associated with complete robo-advisory mechanisms, including the high cost of user acquisition and the lack of human experience and knowledge that can make a significant difference in investment decisions. 

PHI provides a bridge for that. With this platform customers are able to engage in comparisons of returns and costs, drawdowns, volatility, and other valuable information relating to various investment instruments, but with the added benefit of giving the customers freedom to choose on whom to rely on.  

In terms of security features, we have made it possible for investors and customers to access and subscribe to to financial instruments remotely through KYC authentication and facial recognition protocols.”

What purpose will the Phitokens have?

“PHI is a utility token that will be used on the investment platform for purchasing of asset allocation software.

PHI users will receive a 30% cash-back on purchases of financial software on the platform, as well as generating a significant potential for increased value due to our annual buy back and burn commitment.”

When will a first version of the platform be available?

“Our asset allocation for crypto investment is about 60% there and we expect to complete this within the next 2 months. By mid-June we are confident the whole platform will be ready.”

Where do you see the project in 1 years time?

“Our aim currently is to have finalise a component of the platform we have been working on for September. It is a fully digitalised means for the on-boarding and management of clients.

Once this is complete our hope is to engage with the financial industry to fully optimise the services and benefits this platform can generate for investors, customers and professionals in that sector.”

Why should I invest in  Phitoken vs other cryptocurrencies?

“There are many reasons. One, the team has vast experience in the financial services industry. With an array of companies under Damian, you can rest assured Phitoken is a safe bet.

Secondly, we do not just want to do something new. Our whole approach to this project is to do something ambitious. We want to be the Amazon of the financial services industry—so if you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity you best invest in PHI. 

Finally, we are completely different to other blockchain based finance projects. PHI is so attractive for customers and investors because the ability to trade in crypto-assets, as well as traditional securities, means an opportunity to hedge risk. 

While we believe blockchain will indeed revolutionise the future, like the dot-com bubble, every new technology is bound to have up and downs. Through the PHI platform, investors can protect themselves from these risks through a uniform interface.”

For further information on Phitoken and the ZXT Token visit their site below: