Moneytoken Partners With Bitcoin.Com CEO Roger Ver

Roger Ver 2018

Roger Ver 2018

MoneyToken has welcomed CEO Roger Ver onto its advisory board.  

As a result of the partnership, Bitcoin Cash will now be available to use as collateral on the MoneyToken lending platform. MoneyToken users will also be able to gain easier access to the community.

Who is Roger Ver? 

Roger Ver is one of the most respected advocates of cryptocurrency, having had the foresight to become one of the earliest investors in blockchain projects including Ripple,, Bitpay, and Kraken. In 2011, his company Memorydealers was the first to accept Bitcoin as payment.

This foresight has made him billions of dollars and earned him the moniker ‘Bitcoin Jesus’. He has since become a leading supporter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

On March 22, he tweeted to his 500,000+ followers:

Thanks to @MoneyToken Bitcoin Cash holders can leverage their BCH holdings into spending cash, while continuing to hold their BCH positions. That’s why I’m now an advisor for

His decision to advise the MoneyToken team will no doubt excite existing investors, as well as encourage other cryptocurrency investors to learn about the advantages of the MoneyToken platform. 

Mate Tokay, the co-founder of and COO of, has also joined the advisory team at MoneyToken.

Tokay has been involved with cryptocurrency business as a miner since 2013 and is also a respected cryptocurrency writer. 

Speaking about his and Ver’s decision to join the MoneyToken team, he said: “We are happy to be a part of this project since we can clearly see the strong team, disruptive, and self-sustaining business model and, what is more important, the real value it can bring to the crypto community”

What is MoneyToken?

MoneyToken was created to solve one of cryptocurrency’s most obvious flaws - the fact that spending it on day-to-day transactions could cause you to miss out on future capital growth. 

This problem can be solved by using MoneyToken to take out a loan of liquid funds using cryptocurrency as collateral. It will accept Bitcoin and Ether as collateral, as well as Bitcoin Cash. 

After your loan is repaid, you receive your whole collateral back, even if it has substantially increased in value. As such, you can acquire liquid funds for day-to-day needs without missing out on the potential growth of your cryptocurrency investment. Once MoneyToken launches, there will be no need to sell your cryptocurrency when you’re in need of liquid funds.    

MoneyToken is currently at the pre-sale stage of its ICO, after successfully raising $1.5million at its private sale stage. 

The pre-sale stage of the ICO will end on 22 April, or whenever its hard cap of $35 million is reached. Those who get involved with the ICO now will receive a 25% bonus on their investment.

How will MoneyToken work?

Money Token investors will be given a debit or credit card, which will allow them to access cash loans instantly based on their cryptocurrency funds. 

Those with a MoneyToken credit or debit card can maintain a balance in U.S dollars, then cash in their loan whenever they wish. 

The loans will be approved instantly by Money Token’s unique artificial intelligence system known as ‘Amanda’

The company has applied to patent this unique technology, but you can get a taste of how it works by visiting the Money Token website.

The website also explains more about how to get involved with the ICO. 

Summing up the advantages of Money Token, Roger Ver said: MoneyToken is a bright example of the real use of blockchain technology, as well as offering a massive boost for crypto market liquidity for all market players, and especially for businesses.”