Hyperion: Coin FT Q&A

Invictus Capital 2018

Invictus Capital 2018

Hyperion was established by the same entrepreneurs behind the CRYPTO20 ICO, which was the 22nd largest ICO of all time at its completion in December 2017. The CRYPTO20 token is essentially a weighted index of the world’s twenty largest cryptocurrencies by market cap in a single token. Invictus Capital, the group behind CRYPTO20 now aims to capture the value and growth of upcoming ICOs and blockchain projects with the Hyperion fund, a venture fund which traders can invest in by acquiring the Invictus Hyperion Fund (IHF) token. The Hyperion Fund has already raised US$11 million (over 75% of its hard cap) in funding, with the public ICO sale coming to a close on the 30th of May.

Below is an interview with the team at Invictus Capital on what inspired them to work on the Hyperion fund and how it can benefit investors and the blockchain ecosystem.

What was the inspiration behind Hyperion?

There are literally thousands of ICOs to choose from - too many for an individual to process and research effectively. Through the IHF token, investors gain diversified exposure to a portfolio of expertly-vetted investments in private and public pre-sales, and ICOs. Invictus analysts leverage proprietary analysis tools (such as the Titan AI tool) to navigate the higher risk characteristic of these early-stage investments.

Why do you feel we need Hyperion at this current moment in time?

Due diligence is an extremely important yet arduous and time consuming process as scams and fraudulent projects are prevalent. As an individual it would be impossible to perform the necessary level of due diligence required for the thousands of ICOs seeking investment today. Hyperion’s professional analysts vet potential investments on behalf of the individual investors in the fund.

Many projects in their earliest stages are not public or available to individual investors, yet the greatest gain in value is to be had there. As regulation changes, ICO projects are moving towards raising the majority of their funds in private sales - making them inaccessible for individuals. Hyperion will provide access to these ICOs and the large discounts typically given to early-stage investors with significant contributions.

Why is now the time to invest?

Blockchain is on the verge of disrupting the financial sector and many traditional business models. While 2018 has seen a massive increase in blockchain products and institutional investors entering the cryptocurrency space, there is still huge value to be had as we are still in the very early days of adoption.

What purpose will the IHF tokens have?

The IHF tokens function as a share of the underlying assets of the fund; an entire portfolio in a single token. Upwards pressure on the token price is accomplished by using a portion of fund profits to complete buy-and-burn procedures.

Tokens will be bought on exchange and ‘burnt’ (destroyed), thus increasing the share of assets among the remaining tokens. This is a successful, proven token model - the Binance Coin (BNB), for example, uses this model.

What are the current details and benefits of your ICO?

Hyperion provides diversified exposure to a portfolio of early-stage blockchain investments through a single ERC20 token. Expert analysts engage with entrepreneurs and perform extensive due diligence on the investors behalf. There are no annual management fees and the fund managers incentives are aligned with investors’ interests by only taking a fee when the fund increases in value. The ICO runs until the end of May and the next price increase is on the 24th of May.

Where do you see the project a year from now?

As the Fund grows, Invictus Capital will dedicate increased resources to portfolio management to ensure that the size of the Fund does not exceed the manpower to adequately manage it. The fund will be listed on exchange alongside other Invictus products like CRYPTO20 and will likely have completed its first buy-and-burn procedure. The fund would have utilized profits from exiting many of its first ICO investments to do this and rolled additional funds forward into new projects.

Why should I invest in your ICO vs more established coins?

Discovering a token upon listing is often too late to achieve a reasonable ROI. Hyperion offers investors a diversified, professionally vetted portfolio of early stage projects just by holding a single token.

Hyperion aims to enfranchise every player in the world of blockchain - from crypto enthusiasts just learning about ICOs and blockchain technology to experienced investors and traders looking for the next great blockchain product. You can follow the latest updates regarding the Hyperion ICO here, read their detailed Medium posts here or reach out to the Hyperion community directly on Discord.