OpenPoll: Poised To Change Market Research Forever

Copyright © by  OpenPoll  2018. All right reserved.

Copyright © by OpenPoll 2018. All right reserved.

Technological advances over the past decades have done much to foster cooperation and economic growth around the world. However, a major theme which has emerged in recent years is the fear of personal user data being compromised by large tech companies, governments and hackers- the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal being a case in point. OpenPoll aims to counter this trend by utilizing blockchain technology in a field which will benefit immensely from user anonymity and a decentralized system- the market research and online polling industry.

The market research industry generates around US$ 45 billion in revenue each year and is poised for a major change as emerging markets such as Brazil and China see an uptick in demand for market research services. Market research services face extra challenges in certain  developing countries where they may encounter bureaucratic hurdles and government interference. These can be overcome by using OpenPoll’s decentralized online polling platform. The anonymity of respondents be facilitated both by a secure process of identification and a proof of identity system which will allow respondents to be identified without any party, including OpenPoll, being able to harvest the data.

OpenPoll offers organizations, corporations and researchers a way to reduce polling costs by reducing fees paid to middlemen. The removal of intermediaries allows survey respondents to receive compensation for providing feedback on OpenPoll- further incentivizing participation in surveys! The great scalability of OpenPoll’s blockchain platform allows market data to be collected both across an entire country or only a single zip code, allowing anyone to avail the platform’s services

OpenPoll is committed to being a nonpartisan project working towards the enfranchisement of all stakeholder groups which have not always been easy to reach for online survey collection. This is achieved in great part by instantly translating polls and surveys into the local language and maintaining a commitment towards reaching members of all socioeconomic groups. While it can be used for a variety of purposes, OpenPoll’s system is well suited for political polling, improving local governance and guiding the policies of higher education institutes.

Political polling:

OpenPoll aims to further democratize governance around the world by allowing politicians to better judge the needs of their constituents. Anonymous polling on the OpenPoll platform will allow politicians to both gain feedback regarding their performance and better organize their campaigns. OpenPoll allows political campaigns to identify the needs in a constituency to better shape their political platform. Clients can choose to target

Improving local governance:

Governmental institutions can determine the needs of a community via OpenPoll’s focus on serving local communities. This will be achieved not only by a mechanism for participatory budgeting which allows local residents to directly influence public expenditure, but also by allowing a two-way dialogue to allow communities to better engage with the area’s political leaders.

Higher Education:

OpenPoll provides the necessary tools to allow higher education institutes to better reach out to students and present them with an introduction of their academic programs. It allows institutes to develop a brand image through the platform’s outreach services while gaining a better understanding of the higher education marketplace through the use of data provided by OpenPoll.

The OpenPoll app will be ready for beta testing in July 2018. You can read more about the platform here.