JetMint: Revolutionising Digital Asset Minting and Investment

Copyright © 2018, Jetmint Foundation Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2018, Jetmint Foundation Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Deciding on a tech stack for cryptocurrency issuing is a complex business today. Team’s focus on improving the technical capacity of their chosen stack when it comes to ICOs - often forgetting about the user.  Yet it is the users who leverage tokens to get ICO’s off the ground and users, rightly, want to know where and how their investments are allocated. 

As we have seen, however, numerous ICO projects have vanished without a trace, while on the other hand, a range of genuinely innovative projects fail to get the appropriate funding to help them realize their potential. 

Founded in December 2017, JetMint is an open platform built for both ICO creators and investors alike to bridge this gap. 

The project is positioned as an open crypto asset minting and management platform that will deliver a complete service for incubating ICO’s. Not only will this one-stop platform enable ICO creators to showcase their projects, but also give access to investors to directly invest in the projects showcased on the platform. 

By using the JetMint platform, project creators and investors will be able to engage in efficient resource allocation through market screening mechanisms. What is more, resource allocation is further enhanced with additional inbuilt services on the platform like blockchain projects demonstration, intelligent Token distribution, community marketing/event-hosting modules, and many others more as indicated on Jetmint’s white paper.

Jetmint will ease the complex challenges of investing in ICO by giving investors the ability to access precise and pertinent records related to project information and all revisions related to their project information by reducing the technical barrier for fund-raising initiation, giving direction and guidance to more competitive ideas and resources to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. 

As a nexus of interaction for digital asset initiators and investors, the platform will also be able to assist ICO creators through the provision of technical support and token minting evolution and management.

That it will serve as a media platform for digital asset fundraising will also make it particularly useful for project initiators by cutting the cost of marketing their projects. 

JetMint also issues its own multipurpose XYZ token built on the Stellar network. Functionally, the tokens will be the de facto standard calculation unit for any features that will be hosted on the platform, including service payments and any operational costs required. 

Given the complexity of direct conversion of investor’s offer and a project’s demands, the XYZ tokens will also serve to fill any existing value expectation gaps between these two parties. 

Not only that, outside of these functional roles the fact the tokens are based on the Stellar network means that more services beyond the JetMint platform can be offered in the future.

The JetMint asset minting and management platform will be online form the 7th of May 2018. Private token sales of the XYZ tokens began on the 1st of May and will be active until the 14th.

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