Enkronos Apps: Q&A Session with the Founder of the Blockchain Network Set To Transform Campaign Management

The Enkronos Apps project has been in development for the past three years, and has resulted in a network of GDPR compliant applications with unique authentication and credit ethics systems. Enkronos leverages blockchain technology to create tamper-proof, auditable, private, secure, fast, efficient, and user-friendly applications for use in everything from agritech to financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, public sector projects, resource management, construction, transportation, energy, and security. 

Below is an interview with the founder of Enkronos Apps on the need for a platform like Enkronos Apps and how the Enkronos ICO is unlike any other:

What was the inspiration behind starting Enkronos?

After leading teams and companies in the field of technological innovation and communication for over 15 years I wanted to expand my experience by creating a blockchain platform that would enable people to build and engage with audiences.

Then in just 3 years we built a wonderful and high-skilled team that started actualising Enkronos Apps, a multi-application ecosystem. It now has a wide range of products, such as advertising solutions, internet of things, big data and e-democracy, among others.

Why do you feel we need Enkronos at this current moment in time?

After the the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other recent data breaches (think of Equifax for example) came into the public consciousness everybody  has realized that security and privacy are an issue in modern society. Enkronos’ mission is precisely the creation of a fully trusted decentralized blockchain-based accountability system for ethical advertising, marketing and data driven campaigns and projects. We protect personal data and privacy while data regarding the platform’s usage is publicly available to ensure transparency.

When will a first version of the platform be available?

Enkronos Apps already have some applications up and running. Contest Dream can be used for the creation of online contests and promotions, Loyalty Venue can help businesses set up loyalty programs and Your Gamify allows users to gamify marketing campaigns. Following the announced roadmap of our ICO, Enkronos Apps plans to release several new functionalities on its platform next week.

A new App Development Framework will allow developers and companies to independently create and publish their own content on our blockchain network. Some of the upcoming apps on Enkronos include Swee, a location based augmented reality app, and McAudience which can be used by users to build an audience and increase engagement. One of the upcoming apps is an IoT platform called FeelGrid which is already working on a projects such as the development of smart vineyards. Finally, we plan to fully integrate blockchain into the Enkronos Apps Platform within the first quarter of 2019.

What purpose will the ENK tokens have?

Enkronos Tokens (ENK) are the utility tokens, and will be used for operations on the Enkronos Apps platform. These will be valid for any application in the Enkronos Apps ecosystem regardless of whether the app has been developed by Enkronos or a third party. Thanks to blockchain technology it is possible to prevent token manipulation and allow the creation of transparent campaigns.

The tokens will also be useful across a range of platforms in the Enkronos ecosystem which will target different sets of users. These will include a mobile & web app, augmented reality app, and platforms for e-voting and fintech solutions among others. We have also integrated different technologies such as GPS tracking.

What are the current details of your ICO?

We are currently in our pre-ICO phase, with a private sale which started on the 14th of June and will go on til the 25th of June. Then we will have the pre-sale from the 27th of June till the 16th of July. The ICO will take place in autumn with the public sale starting on the 18th of September and ending on 20th November. The ICO will have a fixed price of 1 ENK for 0.003 Ethereum, with bonuses of 80% during the private sale and 40% during the pre-sale. There will be also bonuses of 8%, 4% and 2% during the first hours of the public sale.

Where do you see the project in 1 years time?

I’d like to see a lot of new apps on the Enkronos Apps Platform, especially third party apps. That would mean that our goal to create a new ecosystem has succeeded.

Why should I invest in your ICO vs holding bitcoin?

The cryptocurrency market is currently bearish and Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies have been plunging these past few days. It is important to invest in a digital asset which offers genuine value- something the Enkronos platform does as it is different from other ICOs.The Enkronos ecosystem of apps was already serving clients on a daily basis before we even considered integrating blockchain technology with the project. This has resulted in our ICO garnering high ratings and deals with local entrepreneurs, especially in northern Italy.

The public token sale of the Enkronos token will begin on September 18, 2018, and will run for about two months. You can follow and engage with the Enkronos by following them on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Like their Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest news concerning the project and send them a message on Telegram!