Zeex: The Blockchain Platform Positioned to Transform the Gift Card Marketplace



Zeex is a decentralised blockchain platform which allows consumers to make daily purchases using cryptocurrencies - with no fees involved! It achieves this through a marketplace where consumers can purchase gift cards from myriad retailers using the Zeex ERC20 compliant token called ZIX.

The Zeex blockchain will be encrypted with proprietary fraud prevention technology, creating a transparent marketplace where no one will be able to access consumers’ private data. It will greatly increase the liquidity of assets in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and allow users of the platform to easily purchase products across a range of retailers. What makes this decentralised marketplace appealing is Zeex’ links to an already established player in the gift card marketplace

Zeex has a strong relationship with the Zeek Group, a company which allows customers to use fiat currency to buy gift cards and credit at various stores and purchase goods at discounted prices. It has established partnerships with major retailers and brands such as Starbucks, Amazon and Nike- making it the leading gift card marketplace in Europe. 

Zeek’s founders developed platform with the aim of leveraging the cryptocurrency ecosystem to create a new business model for the industry. Therefore, the Zeex marketplace will be able sell gift cards which will be accepted at hundreds of vendors from the first day of operation. The Zeex beta went live last month and Zeex CMO Apan Damri demonstrated the use of the platform by purchasing a Starbucks coffee at Consensus 2018!

Zeex has already covered the project’s soft cap solely through funds contributed by strategic partners and may possibly reach the complete funding goal through such contributions. However, this does not bode well for community participation, and to that end the Zeex team has designed a crowdsale which would enfranchise small-scale investors as well.

There will be a 24 hour long public presale on 5th July 2018. It will be open to anyone who has passed the presale’s Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements, which can be done here. The Zeex community is encouraged to participate before spaces run out. Once the 24 hour public presale has concluded, the Zeex team will finalise the sales made during the private sale process. This will ensure that members of the Zeex community has had ample opportunity to contribute even if the private sales reduce the amount of tokens allocated for the public sale.

You can follow and engage with the Zeex by following them on Twitter and joining their Telegram group. Like their Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest news concerning the project and check out their Medium page!

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