BEAT: The Blockchain Company Disrupting the Sports and Health Industry

BEAT | MySports GmbH 

BEAT | MySports GmbH 

The BEAT blockchain network has been developed with a novel concept in mind- enabling users to make money by working out! It accomplishes this by creating an ecosystem where data concerning your fitness regime can be traded. This allows for users to be incentivised to work out.

This project is backed by an already established company- MySports GmbH. This creates an opportunity for massive profits once the project is launched. The crypto market is currently bearish and in the case of Beat tokens, this can be a major positive factor. For example, if 50 percent of tokens remain unsold are burned then the value of any remaining tokens doubles.

Deloitte’s European Health & Fitness Market Report 2018 stated that Europe is the world’s largest fitness market with a share of 26.6 billion euros. The European fitness market saw a growth of 1.9 percent in 2017 and is growing steadily. The founders of BEAT have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and have personally chosen a team of 140 employees to develop the ecosystem.

Demand for the BEAT ecosystem is growing and it is designed to increase this demand. This is achieved by the utility of the BEAT blockchain, which allows fitness data to be sold for cryptocurrency, as well as the possibility for gaining membership of the BEAT foundation. Additionally, users such as the teams behind fitness apps will have to buy Beat tokens to access fitness information.

Magicline GmbH, a subsidiary of MySports Gmbh, has developed the BEAT blockchain ecosystem in partnership with NoEscuse App. The network will ensure transparency for all members of the BEAT community. NoEscuse App represents just the start of many partnerships the BEAT platform will develop very soon. BEAT has already won the Bodylife award for gym management and is a market leader in the fitness market.

Beat tokens aim to capture a substantial market share at both the workplace and in schools among students eager to monetize their fitness data. The BEAT ecosystem is geared to benefit from rapid growth in both the fitness industry and token economy.

The Beat Token is an ERC-20 compliant token which allows the use of Ethereum’s smart contracts. It can be purchased using both ETH tokens and SEPA bank transactions. The Beat token sale ends on July 15th, after which any unsold tokens will be burned. There are substantial reasons to purchase the hottest fitness related cryptocurrency.

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