Emotiq: Coin FT Q&A

© 2018 Emotiq AG,

© 2018 Emotiq AG,

Emotiq is a new entrant in the blockchain ecosystem- but one which is set to disrupt current blockchain platforms with it’s forward looking design. Emotiq aims to solve problems faced by users on other decentralized networks, such as slow transaction speeds and jargon heavy smart contracts.

Launched via a Token Generation Event in March 2018, the Emotiq platform represent a next-generation blockchain network which is consistent, eminently scalable and provides a high number of transactions per second (tps) without compromising user privacy. Emotiq’s founder recently gave an interview concerning the promising project:

Q: What was the inspiration behind starting Emotiq?

A: The thought that my boss is an idiot. Just kidding. I wanted to make blockchain accessible to non-programmers and I could not see another way but to start Emotiq.

Q: Why do you feel we need Emotiq at this current moment in time?

A: All existing blockchains were created by programmers for programmers, hence the current crop of complex and complicated smart contract programming languages, blockchain interfaces that require using the command line, etc. Emotiq is focused on being the #1 blockchain accessible to non-programmers and we marry our natural and friendly user interface to a fast and powerful blockchain engine.

Q: When will a first version of the platform be available?

A: We should release the first testnet in a few weeks and then upgrade it every 2-4 weeks, until it’s stable enough to become the mainnet.

Q: What purpose will your tokens have?

A: Paying for services on the platform, e.g. oracles.

Q: What are the current details of your ICO?

A: We don’t have an ICO, we are running a few private sales and then going directly to exchanges.

Q: Where do you see the project in 1 years time?

A: Live and nowhere near done. There are just too many exciting features that we want to incorporate into the platform. We’ll be here in 10 years, still working.

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