Locktrip: Vote Now For Their Exchange Listing!

LockChain Ltd

LockChain Ltd

When two great projects come together, there is bound to be some magic happening. We at LockTrip are happy to announce that we are the leaders in terms of votes gotten in the ongoing Kucoin “Vote For Your Coin” Telegram Competition.


What is the Competition About?

What this basically means is that once we win this competition (which we are currently leading) we get a free listing on this huge exchange plus a $30,000 marketing package which will instantly means that LockTrip becomes even more fluid drastically raising its value, and we get a whole new audience of potential investors to top it off. Even if you are not presently a LockTrip holder you can still take a great share of the huge benefits that come with winning this competition via our Airdrop option. For potential LockTrip holders, and those already invested, the benefits are even bigger, and we need everyone’s votes to hold this win down!


Added Incentive

LockTrip are further incentivising everyone to get involved and have created a special airdrop page dedicated to the competition. You can earn 2 LOC (LockTrip’s native token) by signing up via their Kucoin Airdrop Page and following the 2 minute process. 


How Long Will The Competition Last?

The Telegram Competition organized by KuCoin will run from 12 of July, to 15th July, 2018 at 0800 UTC. So, it’s live RIGHT NOW and you can help us maintain that lead!


What Are The Requirements?

  • NO Personal Info is required of you to vote. All you need is your KuCoin Sign-up email Address
  • Vote for LockTrip ONLY ONCE with one Kucoin mail.
  • Do not SPAM or antagonize the admins in the Telegram Channel while voting as offenders’ votes will be revoked. 


How Can I Vote?

  1. If you are not yet on KuCoin, quickly go to the KuCoin sign-up page and get enrolled. 
  2. Join the Telegram Channel using https://t.me/KuCoin_Telegram_Competition 
  3. GO right ahead to vote by sending a PRIVATE MESSAGE to @Voting_Kucoin_Bot . You will be automatically given the instructions on the voting process by this bot.
  1. When asked “WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” Reply with the mail address you used to sign-up in Step 1 above. 
  2. Next you will need to answer “Project Name”. Spell in “LockTrip” (without the quotes) in full. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE TICKER, else you might end up voting for a rival project. 
  3. You will then be asked “What Makes This Project Special”, You can answer with a few words of your own on why LockTrip is awesome. Watch this video if you need ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zerbSDcxw4
  1. If you are a participant in our Airdrop, kindly make a screenshot of your voting process using https://prnt.sc/ and then upload same to your Airdrop Tab on your LockTrip Dashboard.

If any part of the steps mentioned above is confusing, kindly watch this YouTube clip and follow as demonstrated:


Remember, all we need to do is maintain our solid lead which will guarantee all the monetary and value benefits that will come your way once we get listed on Kucoin. Whether you are a LockTrip holder, or someone who wants to get free coins via our generous Airdrop, everyone is welcome to be part of the windfall that will come once we win this competition. Don’t be complacent we are not going against the tide but are the frontrunners. Let’s Win This! Your Wallets will smile to the bank!

Yemi Oyefuwa