The DSTOQ Exchange MVP: A Licensed Decentralized Stock Exchange

© DSTOQ — DSQ Limited

© DSTOQ — DSQ Limited

DSTOQ, a Vanuatu licensed stock exchange that allows cryptocurrency trading has launched the MVP of their peer-to-peer trading platform. Tokenized securities including bonds, stocks, gold, and oil can now be traded using the company's proprietary DSQ token. DSTQO's new platform also accepts established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether for a broader, resource-rich market.

This new project creates a global capital market without the borders and restrictions of traditional securities exchanges. Using blockchain technology to tokenize securities, DSTOQ brings cryptocurrencies into mainstream financial markets. Having secured €1.7 million in funding to date, DSTOQ is releasing their licensed platform to simplify fundraising for companies across the globe. 

Launching our MVP is a huge milestone – not only for us as a company, but for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. We are excited to launch the DSTOQ Exchange in the coming months and to fulfill our mission of providing high growth opportunities to investors worldwide.”     -Craig McGregor

The team behind DSTOQ's revolutionary securities exchange platform features seasoned experts like Craig McGregor, a former Bloomberg Equities Analyst, Christopher Schuetz, former Managing Director of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, David Holtzman, Internet Pioneer and the DNS Registration System creator, and Horatio Huxham, former Chief Science and Security Officer at VISA. 

Schuetz, Head of Capital Markets at DSTOQ, describes the company's innovative platform for securities trading: “Blockchain technology is rapidly transforming financial services, and DSTOQ’s approach to trading tokenized assets is revolutionary. We are excited to come out of stealth and look forward to providing a secure and efficient solution for our users worldwide.”

The DSTOQ team has already submitted a Proof-of-Concept that is integrated with the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, proving the incredible speed, and security, of the company's trading platform. While traditional stock exchange settlements typically take up to five days, DSTOQ's decentralized securities exchange provides peer-to-peer trading with trade execution and settlement times in under five seconds.

You can learn more here about the DSTOQ platform and the Stellar Blockchain Test-Net.

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