Joorschain is The Future of Digital Advertising



With digital advertising responsible for large percentages of revenue for some of the worlds largest tech companies, one cannot but applaud the effectiveness and efficiency of the industry. With wide reaches accessible at lightening speeds, many businesses have attributed their success to the adoption of digital marketing. However, as effective and widely accepted as digital advertising may seem, the truth is beneath the surface lies several issues.

In light of the shortcomings of the digital advertising industry, JoorsChain was created to disrupt and bring unprecedented changes to the community. The blockchain-powered platform features functionalities that will make it a formidable force in the digital advertising world. In a chat with the Chief Strategy Officer of JoorsChain platform, Stefan Arenbalk, it was mentioned that the platform was created to bring solutions to the problems plaguing the industry, and some of these problems that affect both the businesses and the end user, include:


For Business

  •  The centralized nature of the industry allows for processes to involve 3rd parties and intermediaries, who in turn get shares for the value they never provide.
  •  Lack of transparency, which makes it impossible for the involved agents and clients to gain access to the complete advert transaction structure. This leaves room for fraud and data manipulation.
  • Inefficiency of the system, as it is costly and slow. Furthermore, there is the presence of geographical fragmentation with system rigidity.
  • Large advertising companies have undisputed influence over what ad contents internet users have access to, thereby monopolizing geographical reach of the adverts.
  • The inefficiencies and irregularities between the agents are responsible for the reduced value to the advertisers, publishers and end users.



  • A decentralized platform, that will function as a single source for the provision of any information needed for delivery and campaigns. 
  • The integrated Web 3.0 platform will be the platform for ad distribution, payments, rewards and biddings. 
  • The blockchain based system ensures that the platform is transparent; hence, every participant in an Ad transaction can see and monitor the processes.
  • Improved profiling of geographical locations with respect to the ad audience will make it possible for adverts to reach the target audience.


For the End-user

  • Often times, these advertising relay unwanted and irrelevant adverts, which can be unsettling and annoying in most cases.



  • Relevant adverts will be sent out based on the target audience of the ad, thus giving the end-user a better experience.


The end-user also gets to enjoy total control over data, including its monetization, plus the inclusion of new business models that will be incentivized. An example is ethical/humanitarian service like bringing the internet to Africa.

Furthermore, the decentralization of the system will automatically eliminate middlemen/intermediaries, and also ensure that cases of monopoly and oligopoly get properly dealt with.

At the moment, JoorsChain’s first steps in the digital advertising industry include the control of roll-out to customer bases with large coverage, and these will be in two areas: mobile digital adverts, and online digital adverts. Hence, decentralization of the already existing system will be in full effect.

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