Hypd: The World's Most Powerful Blockchain Based Brand Ambassador Platform

Hypd    -  Copyright © 2018

Hypd - Copyright © 2018

Nothing has quite had a much impact on the marketing world over the past five years as Influencer Marketing. As audiences become younger and more tech-savvy, Brands are quickly waking up to the power the crowd has over influencing one-another. Coupling the influencer boom with another boom of its own, the marriage of tokenisation, cryptocurrencies and getting rewarded for ones own influence has produced a new wave of apps and platforms.

The most exciting new company to launch out of this new craze is Hypd , a platform that allows fans to promote their favourite brands in exchange for rewards, in the form of Hypd tokens. 

Those who want to show their loyalty to brands can get excited about new possibilities to engage with and support the brands brands they love, while being rewarded with exclusive content like meet and greets, limited edition merchandise or discounts. Brands are benefitting from the effects of authentic marketing resulting in a major increase in reach and sales through their fans’ recommendations to their peers.

Hypd allows brands to convert their own fan base to nano-influencers achieving better results at lower cost. This is achieved to the circumvention of reach limitation professional bloggers and fan pages are subjected to as well the higher trust through genuine recommendations achieving of conversion rates 400% higher than conventional ads.

Macher Farooq Haider, Florian Eckelmann & Siamak Ghofrani

Macher Farooq Haider, Florian Eckelmann & Siamak Ghofrani

Hypd was founded as German-based company Ticketrunner Gmbh in 2016 by former event organizer Florian Eckelmann, Siamak Ghofran, MIcrosoft’s Farooq Haide alongside strategic partner Fabian Thylman.

While graduating from law school, Eckelmann and Ghofrani founded and ran the international live entertainment organization EONSPLASH Paint Part organizing over 250 in 16 countries for over 1M customers before selling the company in 2015. With their expertise and a strong focus on digital marketing, they attributed a major part of the concept’s success to the recommendation system they used in order to quickly foster awareness for the event in new markets. They rewarded their fans for selling tickets to their friends. Sales increased rapidly however as it was an offline operation it turned out to be a managerial nightmare.

Alongside with Senior Microsoft Developer Farooq Haider, Eckelmann and Ghofrani, decided to create a platform that allows making word of mouth marketing accessible and manageable at scale.

Having built the online adult entertainment empire MANWIN/Mindgeek largely through referral marketing, Fabian Thylmann knew about the incredible power of word of mouth and joined Hypd as a strategic investor and partner from the onset.

Hypd features two different dashboards. One for the brand to set up their campaign and monitor results and the other for ambassadors to perform actions, earn points and redeem them for brand-related rewards.
The brand sets up a campaign by inserting information about their brand, campaign goals, duration and decides on the actions they want their ambassadors to perform.


Actions could either be directed to:

A. Increase reach by having their fans create user-generated content according to specific standards or sharing posts created by the brand.

B. Increase sales by involving their ambassadors in the sales process and letting them share individualized affiliate links with their friends to recommend specific products.

After that, the brand sets up the rewards they want to issue to their ambassadors. These can range from physical and digital products over experiences to discounts. The brand then decides on a points price for every action that will be granted once successfully performed.

Once completed the brand invites their fans to join their brand ambassadors program.

The Fan follows the invitation link and either log in with their existing Hypd account or creates a new account to join the program. From within their dashboard, the fan can now perform the actions set up by the brand owner and share them on their social media profiles.

These actions can range from sharing user-generated content on Instagram or Facebook to

selling the brand’s products to their friends via an individualized link over their favourite communication channel.

Then, the Hypd software tracks all their progress and allocates points once they have successfully been executed. These points can then be exchanged for the rewards set up by the brand inside the Hypd app.


Hypd allows band owners and ambassadors alike to remain in total control over the campaign while always staying up to date on the status of all going-on.

The founders of Hypd are eager to become the next step in fan engagement allowing super fans of any type of brand to become ambassadors and help their favourite brands to grow. They have also realized the growing inefficiency of regular marketing due to an over saturation of the audience.

It might sound cheesy, but ultimately we want to do everything to empower the magical relationship between fans and brands.
— Florian Eckelmann, CEO Hypd

Investing money, in general, is a tricky business and while ICOs suffer from quite a scammy reputation huge amounts of capital are being raised. Many coin offerings tend to promise exorbitant growth In value of their issued tokens. And in fact, for many investors, ICOs have become a very lucrative investment outlet.

Given the current situation of the economy, capital needs to be invested instead of being brought to the bank where most places you even lose money instead of growing your fortune. ICOs are an extremely great vehicle for investments because they make it easy for both the company raising money as well as for the investors that now have the opportunity to directly invest in a multitude of innovative ideas at a very early stage.

At Hypd, we are utilizing the ICO to raise capital in order to accelerate growth while letting our investors/token holders directly benefit from company success. See below why the HYPD token might be the right investment for you.

1. Token design

The HYPD toke is an ERC-20 standard dividend-paying security token. This means that every token holder is entitled to receive dividends of all Hypd business operations’ profits. It is similar to a share or stock as opposed to utility tokens distributed in most other ICOs. Utility tokens only allow you to use it for a specific service within the DAPP or ecosystem of the issuer.

The HYPD security token, however, is designed specifically to create a passive income stream for its holders and to constantly increase in value. The following token attributes make it an extremely interesting investment opportunity.

2. Passive Income

HYPD token holders will be granted a dividend based on the profits of the company. When the company does well, so do the investors as they receive their dividends biannually based on the number of tokens held. Instead of Hodling a coin hoping to sell it one day with a 100x return, investors are already receiving returns while they keep their HYPD tokens stored in their wallets and can still sell it at any given time.

3. Tradability

HYPD tokens will be tradable and are planned to be listed on all major exchanges supporting security tokens. This allows investors to quickly liquefy their investment if needs are. In addition to that, all HYPD tokens can be used to purchase the services of the Hypd platform at a discounted rate. The value of the token is backed by the software at a minimum of the regular ICO token value providing a maximum of security for investors.

4. Limited supply

Only a limited number of tokens will be issued during the ICO. All remaining tokens will be destroyed. As no additional tokens will be created or issued post token offering, with the increasing value of the company the token price will rise as well as demand will exceed the supply.

5. Reinvestment Regime

In order to assure a constant and rapid growth of the company, 30% of all profits will be reinjected into the company. By making additional capital available for the company’s growth we accelerate the value increase of the token itself and its dividends as every reinvestment into the company promises to yield exponential returns.

5. Hypd is live!

Investors receive dividends based on profits generated by the platform

In contrast to most other ICOs instead of raising money to create an MVP, yp already is a working platform that is servicing over 100 customers with an ever-growing database of 25k ambassadors promoting their favourite brands. Thus the capital raised can be invested almost entirely into growth in order to quickly increase the customer base, revenues and subsequently token value and dividends.

6. High ROI Business Model

As a SAAS there is almost no limit to scalability for the Hypd platform. Hypd charges brands a monthly fee based on the number of ambassadors actively promoting their campaigns as well as commissions on all sales that have been conducted through ambassadors. Ambassadors are being on-boarded through the brands resulting in fairly low acquisition costs, as these costs are solely determined by the efforts undertaken to sign the brand for Hypd. Conservatively calculated and disregarding economies of scale, every $ invested into the platform doubles in value annually. Along customer lifetime and platform loyalty, therefore, allow exponential growth.

Disclaimer: This ROI calculation is based on current operative assumption personas how many clients can be onboard per sales rep/marketing with an average revenue of $1.77. Profit and cost calculations may differ. Actual results may deviate materially.

7. Timing

Even though every decent marketer knows the benefits of honest recommendations resulting from word-of-mouth marketing, brand ambassador marketing is a novelty that is on the brink of taking over all sorts of markets. Given the untapped potential that lies within the brands’ customer bases and their social networks, there is no doubt that marketing budgets spent on ambassadors are going to increase dramatically in the near future marking up a large portion of the $270BN annual spendings on digital marketing. There is no better time to invest in word-of-mouth marketing than now.

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