Crypto fund list


There are now over 120 VC and Hedge funds which invest in blockchain ICOs and Token Sales. 

At CoinFT we have been closely tracking the growth of crypto funds, their main stakeholders and recent investments. 

To this end, the team at CoinFT have built the most comprehensive and up to date list of crypto VCs and funds.

The CoinFT Crypto VC list currently stands at 120+ organisations, which have actively invested in ICOs or Token Sales in the last 60 days. The list includes all contact details of key partners, their email address and Linkedin account. 

To access the list please email us at 'hello[at] with the subject line 'crypto fund list'. 

Below is a sample of 20 Crypto Funds which are featured: 


 Alphabet Coin Fund

 Alternative Money Fund

 BKCM Digital Asset Fund

 Blockchain Capital

 Swarm Fund 

Alpha Bit

Astronaut Capital 

Auryn Capital 


Bitfin Capital



Blackmoon Crypto 

Bletchley Park Asset Management 

Block View Capital 


BlockTower Capital 



To access the list please email us at 'hello[at] with the subject line 'crypto fund list'. 

In addition, the CoinFT team can help structure outreach emails to Crypto Funds which will be read, and get replies. Depending on your ICO stage, the team at CoinFT can also assist with Investor Relations, and give you access to a number of syndicates in Europe, US, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Please state clearly in your email whether you are interested in advisory services for Investor Relations, or just the list data.